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Help with skill builds

Hi so I just logged in via my steam to the game and apparently I already had 2 characters available one archer lvl 79 and one cleric lvl 42 with my archer I’m planning to go with archer ranger falconer and mergen with my cleric I want to go cleric druid plague doctor and excorcist I would love to get help with skill building and general tips also about the classes

I’m not good with pd, but I have a exo - druid - krivis so I’m going to link one build that you can follow. remember to adapt it to your playstyle and avoid copy + paste build. if you need more help you can check it on youtube watching people run CMs and solo-bossing. Here it is:

For exorcist you can pick gregorate or not. Remember that koinonia just works within a party of at least 3 people. Read carefuly the skills before picking them and check other people for further support. Clerics are my favourite classes ^^

One example of exo - druid - PD

Hi, i m planning to go Exo/Druid/Krivis or PD but your Krivis link isn’t complete could you help me out with how you’d spec that?

Well I’m building a new character and > I myself < plan to build like:

Exorcist: Rubric 15, Entity 1, Aqua B. 15, Engkrateia 1, Gregorate 8 and Katadikazo 5.

Tips: if you plan to do things with a party (at least you and +2 people) you can leave Gregorate without points and level up Koinonia. But remember you’ll be able to activate this skill only with +2 people. For more notes, read the skill.

Druid: Chorstasmata 15, Sterea Troph 10, Thorn 10, Lycantropy 5, Henge Stone 1 and with the rest you can pick level 4 carnivory or level 4 seed bomb. Because the carnivory plants deal low damage, I’d go for seed bomb.

Plague Doctor: healing factor 2, incineration 15, fumigate 1, modafinil 10, beak mask 1, black death steam 10, pandemic 1 and methadone 5.

This is how > I < would build my own character.

if you go krivis instead:

Zaibas 15, divine stigma 10, aukuras 5, daino 10 and zalciai 5.