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Help with Rodeleiro PVE Build

Someone can help me with a build with Rodeleiro that works in PVE?

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not really a Rodelero expert.
wanna try
Rod-Hop-Barb (1h spear)

anybody tried rod-mata-fenc build? specifically so that epee guard will not lose shield defense when paired with rod class.

haven’t tried, but that’s what the description says.

This wouldn’t work. You’d have too many skills and doesn’t benefit rapier skills at all.

with fencer u lost the block ability and rapier dont have mastery like one handed sword mastery which add 20% def , shield defense is worthy when u using Pelt becoz of hard shield with rodel only its normal not good

maybe rod-pelt-mata? i’m not sure why anyone would pair barbarian with a rod>pelt.

matador’s picadore passive attribute inflicts bleeding on enemy with 100% chance with any attack (perfect for getting 30% damage boost from prison cutter cards) and the banderillero attribute boosts all skill damage - from any class - by 30% as long as you’re equipped with a rapier. so that’s 60% damage boost right there, replacing barbarian entirely. then beyond that you gain the ‘ole’ skill to massively boost your crit rate. i dunno tho everyone recently is in love with barb so maybe i’m missing something.

well rod pelt mata is good. but i just dont like the look of rapier and shield :smiley:

that’s fair. i guess a way around that would be to use attributes that make your shield skills use your shield’s defense value as attack value, and just stick a rapier in the quick change slot. it’d just auto weapon swap to rapier when you use a rapier skill and then automatically remove it. come to think of it… this would actually make the build stronger. you could idle with a ‘five hammer’ for +5 aoe ratio and 5 gem slots, while getting your skill damage with shields from your shield’s defense. would there actually be a down side to this?

edit: have checked and the ‘ole’ buff stays active after un-equipping your rapier. i see no reason why this couldn’t work.