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Help with my cleric, pleaseee

I’m new in this game, and the most difficult thing is to search builds and learn about the game in another langue, because i can’t talk inglish very well… Anyways, i’m follwing right now this build: right here
It is good? It is a att build from this meta? PLS, HELP :frowning:
The idea is to be tank (or something imortal) and healler/support 100%

Looks ok.

Get Lv10 Carve World Tree.
Carve Owl is not good. 1 or 5 Points only.

That is a good support/buff/heal build.

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I can’t understand why the Oracle in this build :frowning: what is the good point from him?
I alredy have Cleric, Pirest and Diev, now i’m thinking about Crusader, Plague Doctor or Paladin… Isn’t better?

Divine Might is +1 to all skills for your entire party, massive dps increase
Foretell is -57.6% damage taken with about 30% uptime
Prophecy protects against debuffs once, and gives +30% dmg while it is active
Death Sentence is +88% dmg
Counter Spell can break magic circles
Arcane Energy can be very overpowered if you can coordinate well with a wizard

Crusader is a trap class for healers, its heals are trash-tier. Plague Doctor is a dps class, and Paladin is good, but you need good gear to tank with Barrier or you instantly die. You can always switch class later if you want.

Unfortunately the game gives this false sense of choice, you might think you have the freedom to create your own build, but you really don’t. Imc clearly wants people to only play a few select builds :frowning:

As for the skill distribution, remove Owls, max World Tree, max Zemyna, 1 point Carve Attack if you want (the art is decent). For Priest, remove Sacrament and use those 5 points to max Monstrance

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Cool, really convinced me! Thank u so muuuch!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

About the skill distribution, why Monstrance for Priest? I don’t know yet if i will need to PVP to get acess to some content in game, but if depends on my choice i really don’t want and don’t like ! :frowning:

OBS: And about the Carve Attack, can i deal a littleeeeeee bit of dmg? :pleading_face: more than auto atks? For me, it is really difficult to do even quests alone if depends to kill some mob…

carve attack is for the statues (with arts) you can make their level +1 … useful for laima buff … you carve the laima and zemyna after you install them …

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Some endgame bosses have really high evasion, Monstrance helps with that. Though it will be rather useless until you can do endgame content, so don’t worry if you did not put any points into this skill. Can always reset skills later anyway.

You don’t need to pvp if you don’t want to. I myself haven’t pvp’d in what feels like years, and I have no intent of ever pvping again

There is an attribute for Heal that changes it into a dps skill, so you can deal some damage for questing. Well, I forgot the name of the attribute, but it looks like a purple orb. It doesn’t deal high damage, but it’s definitely much more than auto attacks.

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This is just my personal opinion for your build if you are aiming to be a support-type of cleric.

More notes:

  1. Carve Owls are used for the purpose of distracting enemies. Also good distraction when you are doing LepiH with your party mates.
  2. Skills that reduce a monster’s evasion will help you and your party mates when doing raids (especially JSR).
  3. At max level 460, you are given 6 extra skill points. You can distribute them among your PRIEST or ORACLE skills. (You decide what you see fit)
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with the current state of the game rather than following full support build its more beneficial to main a dps right now until certain point because major content are playable via automatch and most of em that will profit you silver require you to deal damage
meanwhile raid automatch are good for grinding material to gearup but they wont really give you silver because the mat are untradable.
and the non automatch will require you to be quite geared or you are being carried hard.
not to mention you can do solo content like wbr, sole hunt, solo legend, easier and get more reward from doing higher stage or achiveing higher damage milestone.
thats until the point when you can find a fixed party or a guild that need your heal you can optimize the profit from being an fs healer. otherwise you will miss a lot.

all in all thats just my point of view, be free, play what you wish and enjoy the gamerind

I think i got the idea from Healling and the changes i need to make based on what u guys sayed… Really thank you guys so muuuch, i really really appreciate the effort to helping me and my doubts! I saved the page/thread on my favs and i will make my heal a little better now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

About what Zeucleio sayd from Purple Orb, i got it! Thank u so muuuuuuuuch againnn! :exploding_head:

eh actually I find world tree work better as decoy

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Don’t forget 1 point in Turn Undead if you want to do DCP. You can always use scrolls, but the skill helps a lot if you don’t have a big tanky DPS for that content.

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