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Help with increased damage in wizard

Hello everyone, I am a Silutte (Onmy, Psycho, Rune) wizard. I would like to know if there is any specific combination or rotation to increase my magician’s dps. I feel like I’m not doing enough dps even though I have good stats (41k MA, 7k CR, etc). Personally, I think I’m not knowing how to take advantage of the build. I hope players with more experience can guide me.

I leave the build that I use

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Your build is fine and I don’t think skill rotation matters much because they removed most of the skills interactions and buffs/debuffs. Since the build is channeling you will be mostly channeling Pole+Yang and filler skills in between.
Only thing I wonder is why you decided not to take heavy gravity+raise art to extend duration and lock monsters in place.
If you using Dahlia set/kino vvr and cycling the best channeling skills I don’t see why you are not doing good damage, be sure to have all damage attributes and activate omny genbu art too. Also always use Gravity Pole with Fox Shikigami active.