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Help with building a monk

Hi i am currently playing monk>chap and i don’t know how to build it should i go monk>chap>priest, monk>kirvis>inq or other build.
What i want from this is build is buffer/dps or dps/tank.

On anoher note, who has better tank classes swordsman or cleric

I can answer the second question. The better tank is definitely swordsman, namely Peltasta with it’s Hard Shield buff which basically doubles shield defense. Also Pelta-Rode-Murm has the highest base CON out of all builds (aka TON of def & hp). While clerics can heal themselves they don’t come close to the tankiness of Peltasta.

Theorycrafting here, I think that Paladin-Plague Doctor-Inquisitor would be the closest to a cleric tank as it can be. Paladin has defenses in the form of Stone Skin, Barrier and Sanctuary, PD provides immortality mode in form of Healing Factor and as an added bonus improved mobility thanks to Modafinil. The Inqui is here solely for damage.

As for the main problem, it depends on how good your internet connection is. If you have low ping then Monk-Chap-x is the way to go for auto attack build. But with high ping you definitely should go for skill-based.

i have low ping but my problem is why chap is preferred over Kirvis, since kirvis has more critical buffs

My guess is mainly for Aspergillum and Deploy Capella.

Asper makes your auto attacks holy property and gives them a bit of aoe by splash damage, and DC gives a huge boost to holy attacks. A little tip: if you’re going Chap, get Fade max. Setting Capella up takes a retarded amount of time and Fade drops your aggro for that duration.

Paraclitus Time is a full uptime knockback and knockdown resistance buff, something that all classes love.

Visible Talent is a cumulative burst skill that can deal some serious damage (or so I’ve heard). Raising skill level only reduces its cooldown (by mere 4 sec at max lv) so 1 point is enough with this skill.

The remaining points go to Last Rites, a slightly better version of Sacrament.

I haven’t played much Krivis after Re:Build, but since Monk’s focus is AA’s with Double Punch, Chap makes a perfect partner for it. I admit that Kriv feels somewhat underused at the moment.

One other reason may be why a Monk-Chap-Zealot build is one in top 100 is because Zealot can do everything that Kriv can do and more.

Crit buff? Beady Eyes gives 45% crit rate + guaranteed 1.5 sec of crits after using it attribute. Buff lasts 5 sec while cd is 10 secs so you have 50% uptime on that.

Zalciai? Fanatic Illusion is a mobile version of that. The only problem is it apparently drains your SP crazy fast. But Zeal is a SP hungry class anyway so eh. (side note - picking Chap improves your base SPR by a lot so it helps)

Divine Stigma? Fanaticism increases your damage by 80% at the cost of no healing for 15 secs, powerful but be careful with that.

In addition, Immolation is a 1 point wonder that reduces monster defense by 50% but yours too, also deals you a small DoT for 5 secs (the Melt Armor attribute). It’s also fun way to pull aggro on you XD

As for Blind Faith and Empathic Trust, everyone rags on them, but IMO at least one point in each will improve your dps greatly for a few hits.

But as everyone says, it all boils down to what you like playing.

Thanks for the detailed explanation
but does Aspergillum effect stances?

# Aspergillum

Fill your equipped weapon with holy water and make it splash with every attack.

Aspergillum simply adds an extra line of magic damage to your basic attacks. The only stances in the Cleric tree I’m aware of are Double Punch, Out of Body, and Lycanthropy (human).

I’d suggest taking Monk/Chaplain/Inquisitor. You’ll be able to punch Breaking Wheel to spread your basic attack damage to all nearby enemies, greatly speeding up the time it takes to max out Visible Talent’s damage. If you can get your auto attack and Breaking Wheel itself to overlap on an enemy, they’ll take much more damage as well. Besides that, you can use Judgment to make enemies take more holy damage, Cappella to boost your own holy damage, and Energy Blast on Breaking wheel all at the same time to get the most out of Energy Blast’s potential on this build. Since Energy Blast also lasts much shorter now, you can use Golden Bell Shield to reset the cooldown and boost the power of Energy Blast and get another one in. There’s also just enough time left to either use God Smash or Ripper on the wheel before it despawns. Just make sure you watch your health while doing anything Breaking Wheel related, as it’s easier to get overwhelmed by enemies when you stand in place that long.

As for Priest, having Sacrament and Blessing as well as Chaplain’s buffs will give your basic attacks some additional power. However, I feel like the overall damage of the build isn’t so great. It’s certainly a good all-around build, but if you do pursue it, I wouldn’t recommend taking Priest last. Its most useful skill is the last one it unlocks, so you might want to consider taking Priest as your first or second subclass. It depends on how much you care about Mass Heal.

As a side note, SPR no longer affects your SP stat for the most part. Before Re:Build, a full SPR Zealot could overwhelm single targets with their Blind Faith damage. Taking Kabbalist on such a build would not only let you refresh your SP easily, but also have an incredibly lethal Revenged Sevenfold. I’ll definitely miss SPR Zealot’s DPS/Healer shenanigans, but it’s for the best that it should cease to exist.

seems like a monk IRL can answer. @4lkruzeth

Monk is not a great DPS class, and does not function well as a Tank in a meta with White Crow that can easily one-shot unprepared players, so please don’t look for that role in a Monk. Swordsmen are better Tankers.

Most Monk builds require at least 1 of three classes in them:

  • Chaplain for Auto-Attack DPS and Holy buffs
  • Inquisitor for main DPS while using Monk skills as filler
  • Zealot for boosting Monk skills

Usually 2 out of the 3 classes above are taken with Monk in order to be generally effective, but other classes may be taken as 3rd class depending on gear and personal preference to fulfill certain niches. How about starting off with which one or two of the 3 classes above you like and go from there?

Krivis may have critical buffs, but the problem is that Monk doesn’t have that much damage to begin with, and that its better to find a class that can boost your damage or boost both your critical and damage instead. To put it very simply, Monks can benefit more from Chaplain in terms of damage than it does from Krivis, and that Krivis is quite underpowered now. Its not like one can’t do critical hits without Krivis, and the 2 critical buffs from Krivis are scrollable and purchasable in the market.

Aspergillum is a buff, and not a stance. It does not affect stances as well.

I have a question on that.

The burst combo for Monk-Chap-Zeal looks like this (I think):
Preparation - Asper > Rites > Fade > Capella > Paraclitus
Attack - ET > Fanaticism > BF > GFF > BE > VT > Immol > FI > either AA or EB

Between this and Inquisitor variant, which deals mmore damage? I guess Zealot, but the level of preparation is master chef level. Inq just pops the wheel and VT and blasts away, way easier to do XD

no love for monk chap oracle?

As I said, go with what you enjoy most. Monk-Chap is the core, and basically every cleric class fits in as the 3rd choice.

I like dumb power, so I go with Zealot :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you could always go both inq and zea

Monk zea inq deals alot of dmg too.

You get 50% strike dmg from flick. Which boost god smash from inq.
I think this is also the best build for monk as you can also burst down a target and while your burst skills is on cd you can deal steady dmg with zealots lightning and double punch from monk. Its pretty all round build imo.

Getting back to the topic, how to build the Monk? My internet is quite potato so I often can’t connect Knife Hand to the Palm Strike because the interval is so short.

So Instead of Mon-Chap-Zeal should I go Mon-Inq-Zeal?