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Help with build: Taoist>Onmyoji>?

Hello, guys. Iโ€™m a returning player and I have a question:
I like to play with Taoist and Onmyoji. Currently, which class fills this build better?
Psychokino? Elementalist? Terramancer? Or another class?
Thank you very much in advance :grin:

I would go

Pyro: this class alone is so powerful! Combined with Taoist support for elemental damage โ€ฆ You turn into a real killing machine. I really like taoist - pyro - x for challenge modes content. Youโ€™re going full damage.


Cryo: depending on your gears you still can deal a lot of damage and have control over the monsters. Some content in the game will require this type of mage. taoist - cryo - x is good for buffing the party and freeze monsters.


Terramancer: with onmyoji art you can deal tons of damage. I have not tested it myself because I really donโ€™t fit this class but as I have seen in some videos โ€ฆ Overpowered with Onmyoji art + tao buff/debuff

You can play elementalist but I think terramancer or pyromancer would be better. Maybe I myself would build Taoist - Onmyoji - Terramancer.

I was doing Singularity yesterday and in my party was Tao-Onmy-Kino, seems like a very nice build for CC + high AoE damage. Maybe not top DPS but still very good.

Thank you, guys
I chose Terramancer ^^