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Help with build: Paladin+Zealot


Hey there! :slight_smile:

I am coming back to the game to play re:build for first time and I would like to know some tips for Paladin’s+Zealot’s skills’ sinergys and skill build. Also I need ideas for the third class for this build. I was thinking about Priest for survivability and support. What you guys think and know about all this?

Edit: Another thing… how does Sanctuary works? I cant use it. Does it requires another player near you to use it?


You could just throw in Inquisitor and it would become much better.

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Paladin/Zealot/Inquisitor is the most common build.

First, you need sword and shield. If you have a two handed mace equipped (like most Paladins), the skill won’t trigger. Second, it’s a channeled skill, so you have to press – and maintain – your skill button for the duration of the skill (10 seconds). Myself I don’t care about it, you have better things to do as Pala/Inqui (especially when your third class is not Zealot but Oracle) and it’s not worth investing into a second set of equipment just for one skill.

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Ohhh, I see. It requires a shield. Thanks for the info and sugestions, people. :slight_smile:


I play priest pala plague doctor for sanctuary. In addition to boosting everyones defenses, it also acts just like blessing for people standing in it, but instead of the low blessing bonus the bonus is equal to the amount of physical armor you gained from the buff. So for me, that’s about 7000-10000, which means everyone does 7000-10000 extra holy property damage with every hit, and my armor and shield isn’t even that good yet.

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Interesting… :slight_smile: