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Help with build gtw

Good morning Good afternoon Good night.
I’m creating an Onmyoji / Cryo / Kino build for PvP and GTW.
Could you help me with Build and mainly with the construction of random ichors for GTW?
I am not finding any reference to this subject.

Omnyo/Cryo/Kino is quite good build for GvG. Has many cc and aoe.
You can also try swapping Omnyo with sage for full cc build and go defensive gears.

For PVP/TBL, its quite bad. Too many casting skills with cryo and omnyo - youll be dead or have receive good amount of damage before you can fully cast your frost pillar.
Id recommend swapping cryo out for Chrono. Youll get overloaded pvp kit with chrono:

  • stop time(self) iframe
  • stop time(self) removes debuff
  • emergency revive
  • backmask ressu your team mate
  • backmask(art) yourself to full health
  • timeforward extends cd of enemy
  • timeforward removes buffs
  • slow, hard to land but enchant slow attribute will help
  • quick cast helps with casting and accuracy and with timerush, gives more damage.
    (TBL meta is Omnyo/Chrono/X where X can be sm, kino, sage, anything)

For gears, its always better to get defensive stats over damage in gvg/pvp. Kill them slowly while you stay alive rather than landing big hit that you won’t be sure if its fatal, then die on random aoe.

try aiming for con/purple/purple/purple
defensive: block > evasion > crit rate
offensive: Block pen > accuracy > crit rate

Charist for set effect, has heal and damage buff…essera is quite good too if you find your self squishy.

Magic def vs Physical def???
GVG: magic def definitely. AoE magic circles are the most deadly in large scale gvg, plus as a wizard, you will be on the backline, where physical classes (swordsman and scout) wont reach you easily. So pump some nuaele and magic def awake/enchant.

PVP/TBL: Physical coz nasty scouts lurking and waiting to one-shot you

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Thank you very much for all the clarification.
Regarding the type of armor, should I use a Plate or continue with Leather?

i guess plate…since top tbl players wear plate. Good defense too if enemy scouts infiltrate your backline in gvg.(get pdef on plate and mdef on other sources)
You can try to make both and test it out, pvp legenda are cheap to craft.
cant comment much on leather since im a templar and religious plate user :smiley:

I would like to thank you again for your help.
As there are not many references I think I ended up distributing the points of the wrong skills.
Request to send me a GvG build for Onmy / Chrono / kino?
And I am already facing some more doubts in relation to Vaivora Shild. Should I make the shuttle of Chrono and Kino to keep changing according to the rotation?
How would the rotation of skills work?

This is the current build you are using:

I think your Omnyo and Chrono Allocation is good(chrono really depends on your taste)

As for Kino,for me personally, i’d go with this:

Magnetic Field = max (really good disabler)
Raise Max = max (in case you get attacked by melee enemies)
Heavy Gravity = Max (mediocre damage but its good AoE, just throw it on the commotion)
Gravity Pole = Max (coz there’s nothing else to max, mediocre damage if no vvr, a bit of cc…downside is youre an easy target while channeling this)
Swap = atleast 1 point (usable for skirmishes/small fights, roots enemy)
PPressure = dump extra points(you dont really need this in PvP/GvG, short range, mediocre damage, makes you stay in place channeling, id rather put extra points on swap for more target)

For Weapon, Just Rod+Shield…if you rich, get Timerush+ConDefense, and if you super rich, get Kino Staff for swapping…But id rather go for Rod+Shield…you wont really need Kino staff coz you wont be using Gravity Pole that much in fast phased big encounters…youll find your self spamming Omnyo skill more than Kino. And as i mentioned before, staying alive is the priority.

No.1 rule in skill rotation for GvG: Throw everything that’s not in cd lol.
Just some important combinations/uses:

  • avoid using heavy gravity and raise at the same time if you dont have the art, use it both if you have
  • Use Magnetic field to lock down enemies then YinYang them to afterlife.
  • if you see/feel someone is invi nearby, scold them with howling tiger to reveal(invis get revealed when they took damage)
  • no art back mask is better since you can revive fallen allies rather than saving your own a$$

Disclaimer: im no expert pvp wiz so what i said might have some fault and flaws, I’d recommend to test it out yourself and check which playstyle suites you :slight_smile: