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Help with build. Good build or not?

I’m a new player trying to decide on a cleric build to play. I’m not feeling the optimal builds in the top 100 list in the class section. I was hoping someone could critique my build to see if it works, what issues I would have at higher levels, and what would be recommended.

Cleric Build: Cleric - Crusader - Exorcist - Chaplain.


I can see some potential problems ahead.

  1. You’re diluting your buffs. All your classes only buff into a single direction (boosting your base magic damage). You’d want some class that can boost crit rate, crit damage, debuff crit resistance of enemies to increase your overall damage through other means.
    This is why most magic builds will opt for Plague Doctor,Druid,Krivis or Miko rather than Chaplain

  2. Chaplain has two major problems:

  • it’s focused on one hand mace+ shield for more damage with basic attacks (which might be coped with the next equipment set), thus relies on some DEX for faster attacks (magic classes have no DEX growth, and having DEX on equipment is counter-productive)
  • it has little coverage on the skill side, you can only convert Aspergillum into Magnus Exorcismus and use Paraclitus Time to prevent getting knocked down, that’s all if you don’t plan to use basic attacks

Aside of the Chaplain problems, you also have to look at Crusader and Exorcist, both classes which have a few skills with low cool down time, meaning you have even less time to make use of your basic attack buff Binatio in case you’re planning to utilize Chaplain fully.

You can still attempt using the classes together, but if you really want to use Chaplain, I would suggest to replace Crusader or Exorcist with Plague Doctor so you have more time to use your Chaplain fully.

Thank you for the reply.

My idea for my character I am going towards is a magic dps character or a up-close battle cleric. I did add Chaplain in for the Binatio buff. Because I wanted my auto attacks to not be weak. I like the Crusaders Chant ability being able to either Magic DPS or provide support. I wasn’t sure if Binatio was affected by the Crusaders chant though. Exorcist was kind of thrown in because it was another magic class.

There is just so much to this class system that it is confusing. I wish there was a giant repository of skill information I can look up for each class. The thing like you said that Crusader has few skills on low cooldown would be nice to know.

What class comp would you suggest that might work better for what I am aiming for?

if you want to build it based on Chaplain,there are quite a few options.

One would be to combine Chaplain with Krivis and Plague Doctor since they both feature some skills to use while Binatio is off cool down. Once the new goddess equipment is introduced, you could actually use both Krivis vaivora and Plague Doctor vaivora on this build (Chaplains vaivora is plain bad anyway) for even better effects (for now using a 2 hand mace is pretty ok as long as you have Plague Doctor in your build to survive since it’s fast and resistant to damage),
but for now sticking to the Plague Doctor vaivora effect should be your main goal, unless you are dead set on using Chaplains vaivora with 1 hand mace + shield (you will suffer a lot during the cool down of Binatio in this set up).

There are also other builds including Chaplain, mostly with Krivis, the 3rd class being Zealot,Kabbalist,Dievdirbys or Inquisitor. Zealot and Inquisitor are physical classes,though, so you’d be hybrid unless you choose another physical or flex class that can switch between attack types like Krivis or Druid.

In your case, you’d probably want to combine magic classes or flex classes to form a build suiting your play style, which is why I recommend Plague Doctor (high movement speed, immune to most annoying debuffs, auto-heal and damage over time that reliably ticks away the enemies health even when you have to move to avoid attacks/mechanics) and Krivis (boost basic attack damage, boosts accuracy and block penetration, boosts critical damage, has solid damage skills on low cool down times) to finish you build.