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Help with a Wizard build

Hi, guys
I’m thinking about creating a Sage-Onmyoji-Runecaster
Can anyone help me with the build?
I don’t know how to correctly distribute the skill points
Thank you in advance for your help :blush:

assuming u are going for caster type.

Sage max out Hole of dimension - dimension compression - ultimate dimension - Lv1 Blink for Paradox art - Lv1 Missle Hole for move speed buff if u get slowed - Last 13 point is either - all in Lv13 micro dimension as filler skill (rarely uses them anyway) or split it according ur needs for portal shop

Omnyo Max out Howling White Tiger - WInd Shikigami - Toyou - Lv1 Genbu for Art - last 9 point is either Max YinYang Harmony (as filler) +Lv4 Greenwood shikigami or Lv9 Greenwood shikigami (can max this with +6 free skill point when u reach Lv460)

Rune caster Max out Rune of Beginning - Justice - Destruction - Rock - Rune of Protection

You can use any of the 3 vaivora of RC - Omnyo - Sage.
u can start with RC vaivora as its the cheapest , Omnyo vvr for fielding CM DS - Sage vvr for single target wbr tel raid

Yes, caster
Thank you Devonne, it helped me a lot :pray:

This is my build

Thank you too Kiicchan :v: