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Help with a support wizard build with the 3 other classes included

OK i’m posting again because my last threat was ignored. I wanna help a friend that wanna do a wizard support can somebody tell me which classes in the wizard tree are good for supporting? I kindo know that cryo chrono help with this and psichokino, but the issue here is that my friend is afraid to putting a point that might screw him up later. If somebody can upload it in guru or tell me which skill to put points into will be really appreaciate it. so that way i can make the guru myself.

So please help me and don’t ignore me please i beg you guys, even better if it can be used in pvp.

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maybe you should’ve been a bit more specific on what you needed from the get go.

“I need a wizard build” isn’t a question that will get you any answer besides links to guides and wikis.

Anyway tampon’s build is good for full wizard build, you can also change one of the classes for sage (warp portals, missile protection)

Then tell your friend (or maybe there’s no friend) to be afraid of playing support wizard and turn the head to support corsair .

I hate ranged chars so yeah i dont play wizar. Im happy with my sword > rode > murmi > pel. In the other hand my friend wanna know which one is better for raids chrono or omnioyi

Wizards are more made to be DMG now, not a lot of support classes.
CC is good in some content, but does not work on Raidbosses or Worldbosses (but good for CMs).

Dont know if anyone uses ‘support wiz’ for Raids, but the meta Wizards dmg builds (SorcNecro and PyroEleTao) have some good buffs and debuffs that help the party, and can also do good dps.

So if you want to raid… maybe better to make your buddie a dmg wiz build. Or if it really has to be support… a meta healer char.