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Help someone who wants to play again after 5 years

Hey guys, good? well i’m coming back to play after 5 years hahahahah. would you like to know what is the best build for farming and PVE in general? and that it is stylish (if possible).

and what are the best addons?

Cataphract - Dragoon - Lancer/Hoptile
Dragoon - Lancer - Hoptile
Murmillo - Pelt - Rod (Tank/DPS build)

Chaplain - Krivis - Zealot
Exorcist - Miko - Crusader
Exorcist - Druid - Crusader (Best starting build)

Shadowmancer - Featherfoot - Bokor
Elementalist - Pyromancer - Taoist (Best starting build)
Psychokino - Omijoyi - Runecaster

Bullet Marker - Sheriff - Linker (Best starting build but also best end-game build)
Clown - Assassin - Linker/Corsair or Rogue
Shinobi - Rogue - Assassin
S_Reiter - Linker - Sheriff

Appraiser - Cannonie - Matross
Mergen - Ranger - Fletcher
Arbalester - Quarrel Shooter - Ranger or Wugushi

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I liked this build, but how to distribute skill points?

the site is a bit outdated in terms of SFR stats, but this is the jist of it,

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Here’s the full skills build for Dragoon-Lancer-Hoptile

Special thanks to BUNZZ for sharing.

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