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Help pvp wizard pls

first of all excuse me my bad english, I speak spanish. OK, I wanted to ask you which wizard build is viable in pvp 1vs1 since we are playing with my friends, we have the same team, the same lvl (450), etc. and they kill me with a single attack, I did almost no damage to them and mana armor I see it useless since it leaves me at 0 mp in a single attack … I am pyro, ele, onmyoji (love the last one) and my strategy is to freeze or petrify and then launch all my combo … (it is obvious to say it doesn’t work lol).
Thank you very much in advance and I hope you can help me better understand this pvp.

Pyro is PVE oriented. Elementalist is strong, but not in a 1 vs 1 environment (and stone curse isn’t worth for its duration is more than halved in PVP areas).
Probably, the build that you seek is chrono-kino-onmyouji or something similar. It is important to take Ying Yang arts, cause it is your main source of damage.

Chronomancer is like a must for PvP wizard since it literally the only thing that keep the wizard alive and not get 1 shot by everything under the sun. After that you need a dps class that goes along with it. Most people would go for Onmyouji, I guess maybe now Shadowmancer is viable but you need the vaivora staff for it, so just go with Onmy. The third class is a matter of preference, you can go either Sage (need dimension compress art) or Psychokino for potent crowd control or Shadowmancer/Terramancer for damage. I think there are some people who would get Bokor/Warlock for hexing and debuff for third class but I never had the chance to discuss with them.

I just hate Wzz in PvP, but to me the most OP is Onmy - shadowmancer-Chrono, Shadow has some tools to stay alive and skills to ignore evasion (very important), Chrono for survivability is just broken (party revive but will be nerfed in the next patch), you can change Shadow for Kino but is just for some CC.