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Help out with scout build

Ass>cor>rog or ass>cor>out or ass>cor>shino
or another combination with all this class (add linker) i mainly play in pve

Assassin-corsair-linker for beginner/solo player.
Assassin-corsair-outlaw or assassin-corsair-rogue for standard player.
Assassin-corsair-shinobi for rich players (ninjitsu bomb…)

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If you mainly play pve linker would help u more to kill monster and thauma will give you more money.

I’m playing with a linker-assassin-corsair and this build is doing very well in pvp/pve/mvp. Besides that, I’m thinking about be changing corsair or linker for arditi and I guess that you would like to take a look in this class that is about to come too.

Assa corsair linker is the best youll get. Electric shock is too good. Rogue also needs masi dagger.

If you dont mind pistols you can go bm assa corsair possibly, but not sure. Hasisas is really strong. But it will mean you need a dagger and a pistol, with the dagger in your second set so it auto swaps to it when you use asa skills. You wont need to worry that much about investing that much in the dagger as assa is mostly for hasisas and inv frame aoes.

Also thauma is only for farming hunting grounds. Its useless for everything else.