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Help New player - Starter Build

Hi guys, I’m kind of orphaned by mmo and I’m into trying ToS, looking at the classes on the site I saw that the first in the rank is Scout - Thaumaturge - Enchanter - Schwarzer Reiter.

Is this a good build to start the game? Do you have any other suggestions for those who want to start now, a build focused on leveling up, making money and getting things done to make another character.

Go Corsair instead of Enchanter.

Enchanter is severely underpowered at the moment, while Corsair literally gives you a +40% dmg buff, on top of great dps skills.

SR-Corsair-Thaum is great to make money, and I’d say it is a good build to start the game with.

still dont know why enchanter is on top 1. Those denkoys’ C aint broken yet?

Yes and no. Of course it is a good build, but I would not choose this as my first character.

That’s exactly what this build is for. A farming character to make silver and get more loot.

No brainer: Pyro-Ele-Tao or Pyro-Ele-Onmyoji. Your first character will be PvE, use something to trololo to the endgame. Then as second and third char you will make:

  • a farmer to get silver/endgame items
  • a PvP character to do PvP content

Thanks @Zeucleio @draconis!

If it’s not too much to ask do you have the skill tree of those combinations you mentioned? <3 Something like this should be fine, remaining points go into whatever you want.


Wizard: 1 spare point, put it in Magic Missile if you want a skill for gimmicks (1 hp ticks), otherwise max Teleportation

Pyromancer: 2 spare points between Fireball or Fire Wall (no preference)

Elementalist: 1 spare point between Storm Dust and Fire Claw (no preference)

Taoist: 1 spare point, put in Upper Level if you want, otherwise another point in Creeping Death Charm is always welcome

For the Onmyoji variant:

15 spare points, pick your extra skill between Howling White Tiger, Greenwood Shikigami or Water Shikigami (all very good) and max it