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Help my build for return player

Hi I’m a return player before Rebuild so i need some help
I like tank class but i know this game every class can tank just have skill and equipment so i change it to sw1 hop1 pel1 rod3 shi1 mur2 i like this build bc i can be a DPS and tank (it’s a long time i know LOL)

So back to play like beginner with murmillo again right now i play barb mur but still think about last class i don’t know what should i pick can you guy help me? and don’t know about skill build too like i said i’m like a beginner now LOL

Thank a lot !

tank swordman is useless for now ,because cleric have paladin that can tank any damage from party

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It can still have a spot for White Witch and Lepi raids but yes … paladin is taking the spotlight right now XD mixed with Wiz Magic Shield …

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Yep. that why i hate this game but still want to play :confused:

So what should i pick with my build right now can you help me?
i already had Barb+Mur just want to be an Offensive tank maybe Rod? or BB Hmmm

peltasta and templar , if u want tank pick that class , but i don’t recommend it for first time play , i mean nobody need newbie tank

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You kinda missed the golden time for tanks … where peltasta is the star of the show in every content XDD swashbuckling everything …

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yeah and immortal block, but now the real tank is paladin


Hmmm so what about between Rod and BB? what you guy think which class will fill my build? with Offensive style PVE

And can you gut share skill build for me?
i don’t know any update about the skill so it would be helpful if you guy can guide me thank!

the strong(est) offensive sw class now is either
BB/lancer(in your case u can only pick dragoon for 1H wea)/mata for sword/spear/rapier now
from your build mur-bar -xxx
U can pick either of them
It depend on what weapon u prefer

for 1HSword IMO it go like this (sry no mur knowledge)

so you suggest BB more than Rod with Mur+Barb?