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Help me with a tank build

The class i’m considering right now are: peltasta, rodelero, murmillo, templar.
Never played them. I want to make tank, maybe for some pvp? how would you set up a build for this purpose? can you send me some links for the skills?

I am playing a Blossom blader+Murmillo+peltasta character right now, and i really like it! You could change bb for rodel ofc, and peltasta for templar too.
Retiarius is very good for pvp too.

That’s my build:

Bb and murm skills are these, while on peltasta you don’t need swash buckling for pvp ofc, take umbo blow instead. Templar doesnt need a build…i mean…just max all the buffs

About reti, the two spear attacck are strong, dagger guard is good too, disarm need a level for sure, same for both rete (just know that on Ktos both rete have a max of 5 as lv, not 15 anymore, and it will be the same here in future), and the last skill is ■■■■, i don’t even remember the name lol

And i dnk about rodel cause i dont like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Me myself,using bb barbar peltas, barbar is great for boosting any other class + some buff to slash type atk, while blossom are all burst slash-type atk.

Here is my build

At peltas skill, im not fan of high guard because it remove your block while shield is active, and the shield hp is depend on your shield p. Def.

I mostly use this at raid (like moring / skia) also boruta GQ

thanks a lot, btw this is not a tank, is a blossom with 1h sword and shield in my opinion :confused:

thanks, peltasta and murmillo seems to work good together for tanking purposes… i hope the game will be balanced since atm you just have to do those 3 classes to do everything, it is not a mmorpg anymore, it’s a mmoBBpg.

btw how are you doing with pelt murmillo BB? do you tank (mantain aggro)? cause i know that by now to be a tank you have to do that annoying BB barb doppel for the big amount of damage, but what about this build? is it good for some pvp?