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Help me Rebuild my Clerics

Hello Savior,
Returning player here,I played before Re:Build. I’m a cleric tree lover and want to rebuild mine after the changes. Want to build one Full Support and another Magic DPS.
I’m thinking about this:
For Full support: Priest-Oracle-Plague Doctor/Kabbalist (Which one is the best pick? PD or Kabba?)
For Magic DPS: Dievdirbys-Miko-Exorcist

My doubts is: Is it Priest still needed for clearing EarthTower? (Does this content still being done?) Is it worth the rank?
Is the Suggested Magic DPS a good option?Are there better ones? Will it be able to enter parties for end-game content??
Thank you for the attention! Have fun

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PD for better survival chances, if the healer dies who’s gonna help the others, since the nerf to Tree of Sepiroth Kabba is more of extra low heal/damage

It works, Miko is good to extend installations, and you have good damage with Exorcist, but if you wanna go full DPS you can pick other class instead of miko, like Druid

@robert.rojastapia Thank you Very Much.
I tried both builds. Found the Full Support Very boring :confused:
Is there anyway i can Full Support at endgame content with Diev/Miko/Priest?

The DPS variant looks very funny, i tried Druid-PD-Exorcist and found it very fun to play with.
maybe i’ll keep this one if my Miko can do Support. Thank You.

2 things about that:

  1. Yes, you can get to endgame with that build, but is gonna be slow, Diev can be useful in CM for example and it’s extra damage, the only problem is that you are not gonna have much damage skills to use, so most of the time you are gonna be there waiting to use Mass Heal and Revive, while the owl statues deal damage and Hamaya is on cooldown

  2. That’s not a “full support build” at least not a “conventional” one. See, even when diev is a support class with support statues, it’s more of a damage focused class because of the owl statue (I know is a green/support class). The statues are nice for a party, but most of the times like in raids or things like that, the party is on the move so you don’t get to usem all, Miko again is a situational type of support since you can help with the installations and magic circles of the party, but at the end miko is more for yourself and boost your statues, the only support miko really can contribute to the party is Omikuji, your main support in that build is Priest, the main healer of the cleric tree, you have buffs and heal for the party. You’re more some sort of hybrid support than a full support, just have that in mind because you are gonna need Mass Heal to heal your party and your statues, timing can be the difference between losing a party member or a statue

Yeah, you use thorns then blast everything with Rubric, and keep yourself alive with Heal Factor