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Help me. Monk cards?

What better cards for monk?

to not play monk am i right @4lkruzeth xd

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do you mean all cards?

That depends heavily on your build.

What I’m using right now are the following:

Red: 3x Khanom Caolaw card (Nak Muay Master, +10% damage with strike type attacks; I have a full strike attack build, if you don’t, don’t use these, use other cards according to the race/element of the target)
Blue: 3x Nuaele card (since I’m using a plate set, if you use leather you can use any combination of Zaura/Nuaele cards)
Green: 3x Rashua card (STR +40 per card)
Purple: 3x Poata card (HP recovery +300 per card), I found this card to be the most useful since it increases the amount of HP recovered by the Balinta set effect substantially. You can also use May card in case you need additional crit and/or Gazing Golem card if you feel like you have more luck than me triggering the Pain Barrier effect, but I didn’t feel any impact recently,so I replaced it for the sake of better survival.
Two notes to take here: 1. May card is not affected by the critical rate enchant, you always get +100 flat crit rate per card.
2. Monks Iron Skin has an inbuilt knockdown protection effect when using Monk skills,so Gazing Golem card becomes obsolete if you can time your Monk skills right (doesn’t protect for the whole duration of Nirvana Energy Blast,though.

For Legendary card, there are several options:

  • Demon Lord Zaura/Nuaele card are the classic cards to boost your defense, which might be crucial if you feel yourself being hit too often by damaging moves since some skills lock you into one location for too long (like spamming Energy Blast)
  • Demon Lord Marnox card is the go-to card if you’re confident in your survival and want to spam Energy Blast or lack any crit boost on equipment/skills; Monk needs to crit with the Monk skills to gain enough stacks to trigger the Nirvana buff, so this card is very welcome, especially against enemies with high critical resistance (JST/WBR)
  • Demon Lord Helgasercle card is nice to switch in for Challenge Mode/Division Singularity since auras + Energy Blast spam can quickly drain away your SP, get one to 3 stars if possible
  • Demon Lord Rexipher card is a good auxiliary card for both raids and field fighting (daily reputation quests) since Monk lacks movement speed and needs to stay close to the enemy (except when spamming Energy Blast) so moving in and out for mechanics or just running along the fields can take a toll on the player lacking movements speed, so having one of these for conveniences sake is a good thing

You can also use other legendary cards like Boruta/Skiaclipse/Tel Harsha/Glacia if you have the funds, but they will only have limited use and require some investment (3 stars is equal to about 15% damage boost to an opponent of the same level and shares a common cap with attack vs armor type and attack vs size/vs boss, about +100% damage) to yield better results overall than the aforementioned cards.

But as the person before mentioned, Monk by itself is quite weak and not really worth playing unless you enjoy the play style, then it’s ok to use. Just be prepared that your Monks life will be in danger much more often and the pay-off is less than for burst classes like Inquisitor.

Thank you so much for the information. I came back to play a short time ago and I see some changes, at first I was a little confused, dying a lot, without damage … I asked for help for some streamers, but didn’t get a good answer about it. I’m still upando, i’m going to have a hundred levels left, I’m going to focus entirely on defending myself now, but then I’m going to do something more damage-oriented. I hope it all works out!