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Help in Earning Silver

Hello Saviours,

So ive only started playing about a month ago, and i am struggling with end game content as most of it require good gears, ichors, card, gem. All of these require tremendous amount of silvers, can someone please give me pointers on how do i get to that point? FYI, i cant clear CM on my own, and the only way i am earning silver is through baubas cave.

Pretty sure you can solo any CM between 391~419 map with free savinose set.

It’s quite hard to start from scratch. But you have to work your way up. Did you at least do the quest chain up to the point where you get the savinose gear at the end of episode 11?

If so there are some routes you can take. Start doing what you can to acquire mercenary points to buy magic stones (sell for about 1,8m ea), the accessories for yourself and to sell, the str and int cards can probably go for a hefty ammount. You should be able to find partys for Upphill as there are things you can do in there that dont require gear, as in collecting fire orbs to spend for dmg boost to the party and some other benefits. If you do very hard mode and succeed you can get up to 10k merc badges for each run 4 per week. And also do gem feud.

You can also farm planiums to sell on market, not sure how viable that is today compared to before though. But they go for around 1,3m ea but they do have a low drop rate.

You should be able to do lvl 5 cm’s on the easier maps as stated above, for some drops that can be sold for quite alot on market if you are lucky.

There are other methods ofcourse, and you can always google for more info xD

I was thinking of writing a full returnee guide (or newbie) but I already see some around so I never did it, but here’s what:

I recommend you playing SR first, it’s very capable of clearing CM stage 5 ep11 map in 5 mins or stage 7 in 10± mins, with the freebie gear and asio pistol ichor which is very cheap. You don’t even need asio pistol ichor, it just makes it faster.

If you need more help, like specific questions, ask around.
This is what I’ve reached after a month and a week…of idk, grinding?

Each of those cost like 40 mil and more on market, i am still quite lost on how to grind up to that much silver? Do CM stage 5 ep 11 give that much money? I am currently playing as SR using savi sets.

Join a big guild. Get carried through multiple contents. Pay them back by actually enhancing and making your gears better and stronger. Every weekend, there is a burning weekend event, talk to the npc, and get a bunch of CM reset scrolls. Use all of those up.

Do stage 5 when you can’t handle 6 or 7, but 6 and 7 are really easy with savi gears + the most basic fixed ichors. Moringponias are cheap, then you have ignas plate top/bottom which are also good but more expensive. Misrus ones are okay as well.

Get an Asio Pistol ichor if you think you’ll play your SR and you’ll spam ep11 CM for a long long time.

One CM5 on outer wall 15 is about 800k-950k? stage 7 is about 1.2m-1.3m. Do gem Feud (or other sources of Mercenary Badges), buy 5 CM resets a day.

Work on Legend Skia Casual (solo mode) as early as possible, it’s very easy and cuts your costs.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What is end game content? Like Episode 12? or are we talking about Demon Lord Moringponia, WBR, Team Battle League?

I was doing a lot of pretty much end game content, with epsiode 11 gear, all free. Knowing your build, upgrading reusable pieces, etc can help. Don’t expect to do it after only a month though as it does take time.

CM5 at Outer wall 15 gives about 800k silver, 6 is 1mil, and 7 about 1.2mil. Do that once a day gives you about 30mil in a month…not that much but a good place to start. With Burning Weekends, use the resets (15 per weekend) gives you another 15mil, lets say 4 weekends a month. Your month would get your about 90mil just by doing OW15 CM6 (or 5 plus other things). Not to mention the other loot you get. This is all just pure silver.

Fixed ichors are better to start with as they give you a good amount of stats and bonuses and you will most likely reuse them later in the game, cards are a bit harder but joining a guild or a party that is doing a card party will help dramatically. I joined a guild and I don’t have to worry about cards after a few weeks. I would say mid end game armor like a leather set of Varnas +11/+10 can cost you 100s of millions, but you shouldn’t see it as a I’ll save until I get there. Work on getting the pieces you can reuse again and again, first. Fixed ichors can be used with the episode 11 free gear and end game varnas. Random ichors are closer to end game since you need varnas first…Fixed, Weapon, armors, randoms. - probably in that order of importance.

I will reiterate this is a Korean Style MMORPG where grinding is common place. Focus on one character, and build pieces 1 by 1 and knowledge of what will get you the best boost. I think that will help.

Thanks for this, its very helpful.

For CM at OW15, i managed to only solo up to stage 6, may i know what to do with the gears? Does any of it have value on market?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Dismantle them all. Get lucky with enchants to sell or keep the nucles.