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Help! how do I procede now?

I’m at a point in which I realized playing whatever class I wanted is a stupid decision, the game never told me that most of the classes are a no-no if you want to get to end game, only a few are ok, yet I’m not interested in those.

Now my problem is that I have +11 gear from quests, and is no longer good enough at LVL 430, now I’m having a very hard time just leeching from a competent party on CM, and that’s only if they don’t kick me before it starts due to my inferior and now underwhelming gear.

what do I do now, I can’t do CM anymore, can’t even imagine doing any harder content, so how do I get competent gear?

I don’t have the gear that the game requires me to get because I don’t have the gear that I need to get gear

do I buy it? ok, how do I get money, I’m getting kicked out of CM partys

do I buy ichors? ok, same problem, decent ones(not great or good just decent) are still unattainable to me due to price

what options do I have left?
I’m not only complaining here, I need answers, what can I do, how do I proceed? should I do low LVL CM? Will I get money out of that?

IDK I just feel really lost now.

archer tree if you are wondering…

If you’re in the archer tree … if you lack dps go for support role … such as Falco+Apprasier+any ( Sapper or Hunter) <- this is you moneymaker dont expect a DPS from this build. Can be used for CM/DSCM and maybe random raids XDD but need a carry … join a friendly guild or a competitive one so they can help you with your gears faster.

Or make another char like a scout flagbot … low maintenance and only need to add attributes for full flag buff then swell mobs …

Gz, you are turning to a veteran.

and community is.

do lower level CM SOLO

you get to right point. do-everything-solo-like-every-people-from-the-past.


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you can always play for fun, stay casual, play your dream [rare] build, but be wary that you ll get less reception in party play, unless they ask for any or filler.
cause the gap from casual to being a serious one is huge. for example, calculated in silver you would need 6 archstone, which in silver equals around 4,2b (klaipeda price). for arks and for karaliene accessory which gonna be mandatory if you are the main dps that your party rely on. and thats just tiny example cause theres also luciferis, leveling arks, glacias gears, transcend, ichor, arts blablabla. the gap is huge so dont ever dream for that if you decided to stay casual (unless you got carried hard)


you can start as casual, work your way [super slow as f2p, turbo as p2w] as leecher support,(but still decent one otherwise you still get kicked), and start build your own meta dps cause in the end party play will dictate you to be meta cause everyone in endgame are meta slaves.

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Hi angelob7a, can you please clarify?

Do you want to:

a) Become stronger, get a good class combination, join and grind the endgame?


b) Stay casual and play whatever you want? But you don’t want to play alone?

shortcut way to success:
-buy gacha til you get get laima wings
-sell them for absurdly quick silver and get rich
-buy strong equip

I’m so sorry to say that you have to go full support. It’s not funand increadibly boring and unsatisfying. But somehow this game doesn’t allow new players to have fun. Sure, you can grind it out f2p style, but by the time you’ll be 1/4 there, you’ll probably be worn and ready to quit, not to mention another gear update will probably already come out at that point. You have to pay money to get geared, and since this server’s IGP are based on rng, you have to pay a lot (abysmal chance to pay less) . I don’t want you to give up and i wish you the very best on your journey. And please IMC, do your best to fill our servers with new players.

I would create a secondary character just to farm money quickly, CMs are boring anyways no matter what class you play.
But I have a guild and I feel like my guildmates would accept any stupid build that I may want to try.
ps: Automatching for CMs and stuff like that are coming so you don’t have to wait for people to accept your build, just have the minimum required gear and join the queue :smiley:

I have 12 chars. Ten of them are like that because there is no way to gear more than one or two characters due to the endgame relying exclusively on RNG, lottery, gacha cubes and complex raids that are mostly unrewarding. The only thing is to know what to do with those chars.

Simple answer: you buy your equipment, or you start from one tier lower. The endgame always provided equipment to be “ahead of the pack”, not “on par with the majority”. For me, current level 440 legend is “episode 13” level, not “episode 12”.

That’s your fault, and you just need to work on that. Episode 12 stuff is “the gear that I need to get gear”, and this is more than available to anyone: the Varna equipment. Since people are now equipped for the newest raids, the Skiaclipse raid has become “easy” for them, so they are more willing to carry people now. And you will always find people that simply want the content points or the side rewards. Just shout for Skia runs, you should find a party easily. And Varna can also be bought in the market, it should be dead cheap now.

You have episode 11 equipment, you do CM on episode 11 maps, that’s the answer. And you do solo CM stage 5 if you cannot do higher. Each CM will give you 800k on maps like OWD15, plus trash items you can dismantle for 300-400 Nucle each time.

Second thing to do: level up alts! I recently started a lancer that I leveled up from 1 to roughly 420 doing main quests exclusively and I’ve kept the silver on that char just to see how much that would be – and I was amazed to see it accumulated to up to 100 million silver.

For the fixed ichors, you can get the ones from the mercenary badge shop, they’re decent and easily available. Buy the random ichors. Only the perfect ones will be pricey, but you don’t probably need 6 perfect lines for your weapon or 4 perfect lines for your armor at this stage, so find decent ones that are not too expensive.

I have an archer alt… and I’m still using a Velcoffer bow with it! Along with some Savinose 400 equipment, so I don’t even have random ichors on that. I just ichored some fixed Galimitive, the Multishot ichor on my weapon and the +bleeding damage ichor on my trinket. But this is more than enough to clear stage 5+ CM on episode 11 maps to give me an extra income every day…

every end game content in this game is boring especially when you are at end game gear. what is left for those who still have “missing” end game gear is to actually complete them by doing endless grinding of cm/ds/raid for f2p or swiping credit card for p2w, be in leaderboard, or just saving up resources for next content.

the only content i found entertaining recently is doing tel harsha with assisters even though assisters battle ui is crap and i can solo stage7 just fine but dang i complete my luciferis so why even bother.

the reason imc keep releasing more type of gear(relic), goddess card, new gems etc etc is to give these stucked players new goal, keep em busy and keep em pay.

Grind Silver and work on ichor? Oh nvm can’t do that anymore, IMC removed silver.

IMC makes this game harder for new players. Unforunate but true.

I highly suggest you find a guild that is willing to carry you.

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Once you’re able to start doing standard low tier CMs, you’ll just find yourself getting into another problem.

Being able to be more competitive to get raid rankings/etc.

This involves archstones and all the other crap IMC made, if you can’t dedicate yourself to it, either stick to doing standard CM’s and just play casually, or just quit, it will make you feel better.

If I wasn’t lucky to have gotten full archstones and some vaivoras before I’d probably quit too.

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I think this might be the end for me.

After posting this and reading your answers, I feel the best path to follow is to grind on low lvl CM, well I can do that, let’s go

I lost twice in a row because I fell asleep playing, I can’t keep myself interested in what is happening on the screen

no joke I’m using the game to tire myself and go to bed when I can’t sleep by myself

IDK I really don’t want to quit it, cuz there is still aspects that I enjoy here and there

TY for your answers, the community here is something that is still nice most of the time

I guess I’ll call it a long break with no end in sight yet

See ya all someday I hope, when things might be better.

just take a hiatus and back in 3 months or so when anniv up
they will probably spoonfeed us with free transcended savi dysnai by then
also just pick SR for ez low lv cm, they are cm slaves
and you just pressing like 2 buttons across 5 stages
i could do that while focus watching anime lol

I can relate to everything Angelob said, to be honest I am not an active player, since the latest patches the game is pretty much hardcore af and that make me lose interest, I’m willing to stay cause of New Episode storyline, but that’s It, casual for life!!

When Episode 13 comes everything will get even harder, even CM will be too hard for ungeared player then (including Ep11 CM). I doubt you can even see through the episode storyline without a carry to help you (I already needed one for Ep12 as healer).

New pacht nerf %3 silver earned from field cm ( no automacht ) each lv diference between monster lv in the field , means rip ow15/ep12 if you dont use ( this means rip varna too since automacht requires vaivora/legend lv 440 to use ) so you only have some time to farm low lv cm with alts

By then the new content is out and everyone will be doing ep 13 cm instead

thank you for both of you,
you point your reply to the right guy cause i need that information the most.

i dont even care what will happen to ow15 and below cause i myself aint do that cheapster silver making anymore but that what this poor guy can do right now till probably the next 3 month if what he want is ez pz silver making.