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Help finding my class!

Hello every body ! :slight_smile:

I’m opening this discussion to see if someone can help me finding my class :slight_smile:

I like casters that’s why I begin with elementalist/cryomancer/pyromancer but i’m bored of elemental magic… I like this gameplay based on AOE spells… but tired of fire and ice…
I like more “real magic”, maybe the sage… And how’s the Runecaster ? I don’t have him unlock but might like the class, even though it’s an elemental class.
I don’t like summoners, tried sorcerer and i guess collecting demons must be fun but… not my kind of gameplay…

Is there any wizard (or cleric ?) class fun to play aoe based ?
Maybe the Warlock but idk… and Psychokino ?

For the cleric class, how’s the druid ?

For the developers, a witch class who flies on a broomstick and use curses and spells would be fun ! :smiley: and a Air mage class too :smiley:

If you want a witch that flies around and casts curses then Featherfoot is the class for you. No broom though, but you can’t have everything.

If you want aoe damage you can try onmyoji warlock or rune caster. In the cleric tree exorcist and crusader.

Druid is fine but it’s more of a self buffer than an aoe class. The usual build is druid exo crusader

Kino and Sage are classes based on control, not damage.

Thanks for that quick answer :slight_smile:

Maybe you are all right, I must try featherfoot, seams to me a very blood magic mage but well…

I just saw that a cleric class had a broomstick spell :3

Hum… I thin runecaster might please me I must find how to do the quest to unlock the class…

Hi, i play with a build that someone here on forum recommended for me!

Is a rly good build with AoE and Boss Killer

Tip ( Maybe a lot ppl will say the same fkn meta builds, play with any class u like o/ )

Thanks for the idea and the tip ^^

I must try Warlock ^^ Onmyoji sounds fun too but having to buy the strange yellow paper to cast spells hum… And runecaster I must do the quest T.T