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Hello there is there a point to keep playing if i dont wanna do "meta" builds?

Will IMC/Nexon will ever buff other classes or they will just keep buffing the same broken ones so the whole server plays the same sh1t?
Cant even PVE anymore :frowning:
Should i just gave up on my stuff and quit?
cuz is getting really anoying and sad at the same time

  • Just give up is never going to happen
  • Just make and archer

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compared to outer 15 era: we can’t 1 hit enemies anymore in PVE!!

but compared to rank 7 lv 270 cap era: this is good, not too easy and not too hard.

Play what you want, it’s still fun. I tried yesterday with my Warlock, and episode 12 new maps are still easier than episode 9 Sausys Room.

you can always play up to a certain level, then quit for some time to receive the returning savior buff that grants up to 4500 attack/defense and then try again.

This game is pretty punishing towards players with low upgrades on weapons/equipment and no investment into attributes.
For example, I have all attributes at level 100 (not the arts, only the enhance attributes), a +11 T10 savinose weapon with lvl 8 red gems, a +11 T10 savinose shield with lvl 8 red gems, 12 cards to boost my def and attack stats, full ignas plate fixed stat ichors, some okish random stat ichors, full additional stat points from quests&statues, full bonus stats from quests,full title boni,
which all amounts, together with the returning savior buff,
to about 22k attack and 45k def on average.

Yet I still struggle, basically never crit, take 2-4 skill uses[SFR below 6000%] to kill normal mobs on the new maps and wasn’t able to solo-clear stage 5 CM because I lacked the right damage boost cards for the specific map, forcing me to time out.

I already know that after my returning savior buff is over, I will quit again until I’m eligible for it once more, it simply makes no sense to suffer through this without a new tier of legendary equipment available that would be worth investing into, just to have a low chance on some better ichors.

By the way, my build isn’t really meta, I’ve tried out crusader and kabbalist with the new changes, but both didn’t complement my monk or inquisitor, so I went for chaplain and it’s quite a good addition to be honest,so I’ll probably stick with it instead of those crappy classes that all try to impress with some damage boosts or survival tools just to sink because of the lack of equipment towards a certain value (critical rate/accuracy/block/evasion/spirit/dexterity/constitution/defense/etc.) or make me forsake other skills I invested into because I could instead spam this better skill.

The lesson to be learned:
TOS is still a grinder and requires certain classes to grind efficiently.
If you cannot grind with god speed, you’ll find yourself grind for hours over hours to see results, and if you’re not top DPS then have fun finding a party/guild as hard carry on raids/guild missions.

Many ingame problems regarding objects have been resolved by the recent revision of episode 11 and 12, but the class disparity is still as blatant as ever since IMC can’t produce good class concepts that work. The damage treadmill is still living on since 2016. It just got less tedious, but it’s still mainly RNG from a certain point onward (ichors,upgrades,art tome pages,magic stones,random stat equip drops,identification,item enchant/awakening) which cuts off a lot of potential from all the possible builds out there.

I have no idea what your gear is, but if it’s fairly low-tier and you’re waiting for your classes to be better balanced, you’re probably going to be waiting awhile.

As someone who’s been around quite awhile, I can assuredly tell you that non-meta classes DO get buffed, but they take forever, and usually don’t even hit the bullseye to make it a better class. Sadhu and Hunter have been good examples of this for awhile.

The classes that have been meta awhile tend to get overbuffed. Why? I… don’t know.
I really don’t know why Sorc needed yet another buff.
Myouji is one of my favorite classes, and I really don’t understand why they decided to make the aoe’s screen-sized. Etc etc… I don’t think I really need to drag on about these types of classes. They get too much attention already.

I’m not going to shame you if you have low tier gear or whatever, but if you don’t play the kind of classes you enjoy whether they’re op or not, and supplement whatever missing power those classes have with gear, this game is going to get old for you reaaaaaal fast.

Play what you want, you can functionally do anything with almost any build.

You might not outDPS the meta doppel or mergen builds, but you’ll probably do just fine… and other classes will almost certainly be buffed over time.

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I have full trans 10 varna smugis , all my attributes are lvl 100, max art enhanced tell me what I’m doing wrong :frowning:

The problem is probably that there are not enough + on your equipment.

I’ve calculated for fun to see what I need to get the attack value I have now via the returning savior buff forever, and would you know it?
I would need a +40 level 400 legendary mace. The difference between +11 T10 savinose and +40 T10 savinose is exactly the maximum boost you can get from the returning savior buff.

That alone set in stone for me that I’m not going to continue playing without the buff, I mean what is the point?
There is no way in hell I would ever be able to get a +40 upgrade on a weapon that has less than 10 potential. Basically the game is telling you that it is pointless to play further unless there is a new equipment tier that allows to reach said attack values with a lower amount of upgrades, compared to just playing 2 weeks casually, stop playing for a month and start another 2 weeks of +40 weapon attack goodness before another month of break time.

The returning player stuff is intended for you to catch up until you get a legendary weapon. You could literally just make a cheap one,

You do not need a +40 weapon to play the game, but you should probably consider a +11 legend weapon with transcendence on it…

The problem is not having enough + on the equipment, the problem is nexon, buffing everything around classses with 50k sfr and leaving classes without 50k sfr untouch i have a +162h mace with 5 lvl 9 red gems my highest damaging skill does like 1m per hit with like 50 sec cd, if they are going to balance stuff around “X” classes either buff all the others or nerf the other classes, now with the 10m cap its even worst …

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in episode 9 you were able to find a party the shout for parties were non stop, now no one want to do a party unless its a cm 7, and not everyone even geared ppl with the wrong class can do cm 7

which build are you using

I use sr sheriff corsair (not meta) and still enjoy the game… Even i cant like 1 min legeng skia solo or 1 min misrus :3

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It’s even worse when they finally buff your class, but it’s still not good enough…

I separate classes into 3 tiers:

  1. Meta: No explanation needed.
  2. Decent: Classes which are far worse than meta, but not completely useless. A build with 2 meta classes + 1 decent class works very well. For example, with the addition of Terramancer, I changed my build to Onmyo-Ele-Terra. Onmyo+Ele are very good, so they “carry” Terra, and it even lets me do stuff like CM7.
    Now, if your build has 1 meta + 2 decent classes, the problems begin. Still playable though, but will need carries for any hard content. For example: The build I wanted to play was Onmyo-Terra-Shadow, but after testing it, it was a big nope :frowning: (Talking about post-buff shadowmancer here, in ktest. The buffs made it go from trash to decent in my opinion)
  3. Trash: Again, no explanation needed, we all know them…

Yeah, I find it sad how there are almost no casual CM5 parties on the new maps… I expected to see a lot of parties, like how the sausys9 era used to be :frowning:


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nobody is forcing you to META, you can still have fun with what you got.
btw, what class are you using that makes you wanna quit?

or maybe your feeling a little down that they also buffed CMs, this though is kinda refreshing.
reminds me of the CM days before REbuild.

Monk and Inqui had its prime in the previous episodes ( R8,9,10) , and was also meta at some point. Meta comes and go , you just have to wait for the next shuffle and pray Phy cleric is next on the list. Mergens pretty much were trash during episodes 8- 10, before shining in 11 and 12.

I think inqui design is pretty okay , aside from the lower SFR now. I hope they don’t destroy too much of the class when they rework it. Like how they ruined peltesta and zealot

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your referring to when they removed offensive skills from Pelt like “Butterfly”?

Yeah that was one of the annoying thing they did.
Umbo Thrust Armor break was removed as well.
Shield Lob self disarmed was removed as well. You could sacrifice your shield defense while still retaining your ability to block. This countered reit’s disarm.

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Hi, I like SR. Buff SR. It is fun class big brain


Inquisitor has quite the high SFRs compared to other classes. The main problem is that some of inquisitors skills are balanced towards the defense ignore effects, which are halved against bosses, making them weaker against bosses.

Let’s take a small look onto the SFRs:
God Smash: 2022%
has an built-in 130% multiplier with blunt weapons = 2628%
times attributes & arts (80%) = 4731%
times 3 overheats = 14139% total SFR every 15 seconds

Ripper: 2250% * 10 hits = 22500%
has a unique modifier that keeps raising the damage per hit landed [about 7% rise] on the enemy, capping out at the 8th hit: 100%+107%+115%+123%+130%+138%+146%+153%+153%+153% = 132% SFR on average per hit = 29700%
times attributes & arts (80%) = 53460% every 55 seconds

Pear of Anguish: 2030% * 5 hits = 10150%
has a built-in 200% multiplier against magic users = (20300%) [numbers in () will be against magic users]
times attributes & arts (80%) = 18270% (36540%)
times 2 overheats = 36540% (73080%) total SFR every 30 seconds

Breaking Wheel: 622% * 49 hits = 30478%
times attributes & arts (80%) = 54860% every 45 seconds

Malleus Maleficarum: 1589% * 7 hits = 11123%
times attributes & arts (80%) = 20021% every 28 seconds

As breaking wheel can double the damage of both ripper and god smash, the damage of inquisitor isn’t that bad, a lot of classes have less than those numbers.

Similar thing with monk, very big numbers if you actually count, but a bit more complicated because of the OH and the unique modifiers (gbs that resets CD and boosts attack, gff with 50% boost to strike attacks, ability to spam energy blast).

Can be hard to keep track of OH, debuffs,etc. in a fight.

Also, IMC forgot to adjust the scaling of hand knife so that having a skiaclipse mace ichor/orange gribaru gem would actual make a difference, which is sad. 14.2% SFR boost per skilllevel of a skill that only has 1 level by default shouldn’t happen, it needs to be boosted to at least 180%

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