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:white_check_mark: Overall Summary :white_check_mark:
Short story, me and Nightex were running weekly velcoffer with the guildie, and we noticed that our characters received multiple +31k healing effects every 5 seconds. At first, we thought that one of our party members was using healing skills, but there were no clerics beside me. We start to dig deeper into the Crusader’s Healing Chant and discovered that IT WAS ACTUALLY an aura effect under healing chant.
:white_check_mark: My Character Skills Build​:white_check_mark:
➤ Exorcist - Sadhu - Crusader Skills Build:
➤ Vaivora 2H Mace Stats:
:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:00 - 0:31 | Introduction
➤ 0:32 - 0:42 | Aura Heal Range
➤ 0:43 - 2:00 | Healing Chant Breakdown
➤ 2:00 - 2:20 | Heal + Chant ARTS
➤ 2:30 - 3:40 | Nightex’s Healing Power (44k+)
➤ 3:41 - 4:00 | (54K+ Healing) with Heal Chant
➤ 4:01 - 5:00 | (60k+ Healing) with 1h Setup (No Compassion Ichors)
➤ 5:01 - 8:51 | Analysis, Breakdown, and Having Fun!

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Well I knew about it lol… XD

I wanted to use it in somekind of full support healer build… I have to say that won’t work out that well.

I think Crusader is somekind of a secondary healer with healing chant because all it offers is heals and thats not enough to choose it over other utility classes in full support builds.

I think it still can be good in a party but not as the main support imo so I wouldn’t try to build it that way anymore…and then most likely the red art version is better option because you have a healer in the party anyway…
2+crusaders in one party could be rly interesting tho yeah.

So idk… tbh I think Crusader should get some other utilities on its skills when you turn healing chant on maybe…because it’s a little bit plain on its own with just heals.

I wish they would do something with the mandatoriness of priest tho too…it kills off a lot of other combinations that could be fun and useful.

OP means overpowered, that heals nowhere to be “overpowered”
use the set for healing-focus class and it obviously will achieve more even with basic heal
crusader was meant to be flexible build by having option to switch from dps,healer or even both, there no way with this ability it also has overpowered heal compare to class that is rigid to be a healer. it will be broken and we will see more healer crusader in ktos /itos party play
ofc the flexibility is good option, a unique variation to crusader, but the thing is every party always want the maximum power, whether its dps/heal/tank. in healing case theres just another healing-focus class that can healing better.

Crusader’s skills offer amazing passive healing and can complement a full healer build (probably Priest). I’d say that only Protection of the Goddess offers a decent burst heal, the rest is more passive/HoT. ARTS Chant is quite interesting as well because you can also DPS while healing.