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Healing card should be purple IMC!

am i the only one bothered by the fact that healing card is blue?
its should be purple! together with eva crit rate block etc!
healing shouldnt be considered defensive treat like (useless and doubtful)resistance,shield, and def group. even boruble is the most superior regular healing card compare to varle king, a full support healer would rather get himself either zaura/nuale to get himself a better self defense. sure they can tackle this with legend card slot but the latest hardcore content would want you to have higher survivavibility.


Maybe, but Nuaele/Zaura are not necessary on Healers. You use Cloth and a Shield, so you already have more defense of both types than the Leather-wearing DPS. And same/more HP as them too.
My Healer does all the content fine with Healing Cards.

But good/decent Red Cards for Support would be nice…

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I think the thought process is that healing = survivability, just like defenses.
It kinda works as a “damage reduction” but after the damage is already done.

edit: not that I noticed that, yeah, evasion and block are also defensive stats, why is that healing isn’t purple again?


healing should be red! nuale occupies the blue slot!

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Then we cant use Yeti?

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That would be good.


red will be nice too lol since support dont deal damage. but i also believe it should be purple rather than blue. cause then why yeti is purple too? its hp and more akin to def rather than utility. healing should be together along the side stat group like evasion, block, crit rate etc since its more akin to utility and yeti should be blue and its should be buffed or we need superior yeti, like boruble of varle king

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Instead of focusing on Damage, Healer focus on HealingStat. Red would make sense.

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I’m still wondering what to put as red cards for my healer. So yeah +1 for healing as red.

careful, you are giving developer ideas of creating rainbow bordered version of any card, only obtainable through gacha