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Healers silver drop rate in cm

To all main healers who do not have dps. The current system for auto match cm is still dps based, which gives little to no silver and drops to healers. Currently the average silver and gabija coin drop rate is 200k and 1.8k respectively. This way will give you 170k to 180k silvers per run.

  1. Wear your assisters with highest dps.
  2. Turn on your Heal: Corrupted Sphere attribute.
  3. Enter CM lvl 400(area2).
  4. Run the cm like a freak dps.
    I know the silver drop rate gives 85 to 90 percent of the silver drop for the dps but it’s the copium way for the healers as of now.

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Since dawn of time, healer grind is in high end raid.

But, cm400 has lower entry so I don’t mind much because I don’t like long grinding and solo mode don’t need to queue too.

Make a slave dps or healer… I don’t think it was very difficult to create one in a week if you already geared up your main.

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There is a event that give you 1 instant 460 char.
so u can also make dps char too.

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I believe you guys are missing the point of OP. Given we got the event, but why make another one just to run cm content if you main as healer?

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