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Healer on Major Cities and HP Potions

As the title said… We are having a big problem on healing the HP in the game, once the lv 15 potion isn’t enough for the actual situation of the game. Like, we have to use 15 potions to heal 150k. It means 225 seconds to heal the full HP. It’s hard to do some stuffs 'cause of it, like re-enter an instance when you die or duel with someone multiple times, etc etc.

Besides, we need a improvement on the lv15 potions, 'cause it’s healing like 3% of hp on endgame.

So, I suggest:

  • Create a Healer NPC on Major Cities to healing HP for an amount of silver OR open the possibility for players to do it, as the buff shop works.

  • Improve the lv15 POTIONS.


New potions are gonna be added for alchemist to create, sadly you’re gonna need the ARTS for alchemist to make them, and they require blessed shards

back then, clerics would just watch someone randomly pvp ing, and giving free heal tiles after the duel ends. nowadays, you can’t do that since heal is target limited to your own party. so how about making mass heal work on anybody on it’s area, not only your own party? yes, sometimes it works when a random priest just mass healed everyone on klaipeda, but often time it just doesn’t. idk if it’s a bug or not, but I feel that it’s rather inconsistent.


I think i read somewhere that lv 15 pot buff is incoming with Re:SFR balance patch, so maybe look for that on ktos thread

a healer statue or npc isn’t a bad idea to help out noobies too

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All those ideas is only for one purpose: Make TOS offline.

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This is so hilarious. 11228 HP being 3%? You have 374230 HP then I guess.
For the normal endgame-abled player they have about 120-150k HP, meaning a potion recovers about 7.5% - 10% of their maximum HP.

If that’s not enough, there are potions from Bernice dungeon, regular NPC and small elixirs of recovery (leticia cube/popolion point shop).
You can also recover a lot of HP by simply sitting down by a bonfire, especially if you have a huge HP pool. Since HP Recovery is equal to 1% of max HP, you will recover 0,5% of your max HP every 2 seconds and 1% of your max HP every 10 seconds while sitting at a bonfire.

In the timeframe of 225 seconds you stated, sitting at a bonfire would recover 112x0,5% + 22 x 1% = 78% of your maximum HP.
To recover your HP fully, you only need to sit ~288 seconds at a bonfire.
if you use alchemist potions + bonfire, that time decreases to at worst (when the potions really only recover 3% of your 374320 max HP ) 182 seconds.
If we go for a more reasonable approach of 150000 max HP, additional 7,485% will be recovered every 15 seconds that way, leading to a total recovery time of ~118 seconds.

This doesn’t include any additional HP recovery via collections, cards,equipment & class multiplier (which is important in the case of the classes with the highest base HP pool, swordsmen [2x Hp recovery stat] and clerics[1.5x Hp recovery stat]).
So a swordsman recovers a minimum of 1% max HP every 2 seconds at a bonfire and cleric 0.75% max HP, which refills their HP even faster.

That said, waiting for 2 minutes at a bonfire + using 4 alchemist pots is acceptable, otherwise there is always the option of the elixirs to quickly recover 40 % max HP over 20 seconds for those who cannot wait or employ a cleric…

Instead of Healer NPC, IF IMC just made Heal Skills can be used by all people in town. You can just tell Clerics to heal.
I wish it also, they should make Clerics a dedicater.

You can also buy the huge hp potions from the Item Merchant. They use a separate cooldown than the alchemist ones. Heals a decent amount if you use both of them but still not much if you have alot of HP.

Can always just gather 'round the campfire.

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