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Healer: Kabbalist vs Oracle?

Im creating a healer and got no experience on those classes. I see oracle is the most popular healer but kabbalist is also climbing and currently second most popular.

Sooo can u give me some overview on the pros and cons and which is better.

Off topic question:
how much healing is needed to be a decent healer? I only got 6k as of now and im afraid this wont cut

Oracle has no heals its sort of the icing on the cake, they drastically improve party performance through their buffs and debuffs. Khab has an aoe heal.

They actually work good together so you need not choose, priest, khab, ora is perfectly viable, unless you are just stuck on your final class what is your build currently? Diev?

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Hey you’re a familiar name XDD

I currently run a Priest/Diev/Ora


  • Resurrection
  • Mass Heal ( AoE heal )
  • Turn Undead ( for your Dimension Collapse runs, no need to buy TU Scrolls … though they say its gonna be nerfed soon )
  • Revive ( Important for Raid content )


  • Laima ( Must have ) Cooldown Reduction
  • Zemyna ( SP Regen )
  • Carve World Tree Enemy SIlence ( can affect boss on cm )
  • Carve attack ( get the arts to level up your statues by 1 individually )


  • Debuff Death Sentence ( must have for huge DPS boost against enemy ) I spam this on DS5 to slow them mobs.
  • Foretell ( Really good to lessen damage, don’t take the arts … its bad )
  • Divine Might ( Max always helps )
  • Counter Spell ( For the annoying Elite poop circles if prophecy fails also Magic Defense up )
  • Prophecy ( really helps against elites magic circles )

I tried this class before but Ein Sof got nerfed ( or was properly patched ) so I chose to go back to Oracle XDD


  • Ein Sof ( AoE range is full map wherever your party is … heals every 5 seconds )
  • Naclash ( you can just get 1 point for this, since you’d need the healing only )
  • Gevura ( This is really good for resetting skills, can be spmammable by other classes )
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Im stuck on last class… I got diev priest (staple support) and oracle… But im thinking switching oracle to kabba since im not yet full geared so i need more heals

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Ye im kinda spamming noob question in the forum XD

Im currently Oracle but havent run any content yet since im not full geared yet. So i was thinking of kabbalist for extra heals but im not sure since i dont know the class

On CM runs you can always get Paladin for the barrier and relax at the back XDD just turn off the attribute that makes you take all the damage ( Devotion ) and bounce them back … I’m one for lazy healing hahaha


You can do CM’s with savinose set and a little abovce 8k heal? maybe 6k is good also …

If you want to do higher content you need to gear up first since you need to survive to heal your party XDD a set of Varna is quite good … can do most of the party raids contents out there … I myself only have around 10k heal … with complete varna gear and ichors ( skia ) and is doing just fine with DS5/CM/Skia/WW(unique) and Lepi ( I get carried a lot haha ty guys) XDD


Hmmm… I just got all varna cloth set with compassion and temp ichors with con spr near max values… Mace with moring and temp ichor with con spr near max also and free savi shield with wastrel and a bit low spr… Carnas zeisty set +10, no trans… Also got the cloth arts…

But my healing just barely passed 8k (and thats with guardian saint) and 170k hp :frowning:
So im wondering if 8k - 9k healing is the ceiling for this set up?

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khab gets a cooldown reduction skill which doesnt stack with diev now, so its quite interchangeable with diev, paladin is also an option for a booster.

though it lacks the raw healing power, paladin +ora is a force of nature to reckon with! All those damage buffs will cut through mobs like a hot knife through butter or a Jewish mother through self esteem (a Simpsons joke not an anti-Semite T_T)

Oh have we met before? if so hail and well met friend :slight_smile:

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if you dont want to be expeled from the parties, Priest/Diev/Oracle is the way to go. People are used to this build, they dont usualy accept nothing except that :confused:

who would want to party with demanding people like that, though?

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That’s really strange because my healer is full Savi and got 11-12k healing with Guardian Saint. And I don’t see what I have different (maybe a Boruta Seal level 1). Or maybe your char is not level 450?

depends on the content. In singularity CM or normal CM is Oracle or Paladin preferable for debuff immune and damage reduction. But in harder raid like white witch then kabbalist is better for more aoe healing since boss hit really hard and move a lot.

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agreed some pople make 2 healers one for cms another for harder raids

Im level 443… Is that a big difference? Those 70pt stat for spr im missing… Im not sure if it will make me go from 8k to 11k

Can’t be that then because I spent my extra points for CON. At this point, the only thing I can think of is that you activated Guardian Saint attribute that changes healing to extra magic attack. If you don’t have a Boruta Seal, try to get one too and see if that changes anything.

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thing that could also influence healing start greatly: cleric master card, skiaclipse cloth ichor (compassion), high level transcend/enhanced carnas or moringponia accessory. And cloth art that make a portion of matk into healing.

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That’s a good point. Recently I switched my ep 11 savi mace for a varna mace with a max CON/SPR random ichor and found out that I had way less healing factor with it because it was unenchanted and untranscended, so I had to make it +11 t10 to actually benefit from it.

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Ohhhhhh so thats how it works :astonished: i just bought a cheap varna mace just for the +healing attribute for mace. I didnt enchance it or trans since im a healer and i dont need attack stats. I just took the cloth arts and didnt really read the description. I just assume it adds healing when wearing cloth… thanks @ligerre98