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Heal with mouse?

i’m new on ToS and i search how can i heal with mouse.
i wanna play an cleric but actually i can’t target my mate with the mouse. I’ve select mouse in option, but i need to use 2468 (numpad) for target my mate. Please tell me how can i change this…

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It ought to just take whatever the walking directions are set to. Keyboard is 2468, mouse default is WASD.

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As Csiko said. Numpad won’t work when a “wheel” is used for a skill. If you don’t like using WASD, you can reconfigure the keys to match the directional arrows in the Settings dialog, that’s what I did. Then you press your Healing macro and when the wheel appears target the teammate you want with up/down/left/right arrow.

Can i point & click for hit my target with my heal? Can i focus my mate without directionnal key ou wasd key?

It’s not worked that way, unless you using a mouse with 4 more buttons to bind Heal + UDLR key macro (maybe illegal too).

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No. In fact, if you’re playing healer, since you will probably never target mobs, it’s better for you to play in keyboard mode if you don’t use controller.

Probably yes, but i don’t like this gameplay restriction :shushing_face: , finaly my cleric became dps ^^’. I think i wanna try again later