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Heal Tiles? / Nub support?

So, I just jumped back into the game. I never got very far but love it so much, so I wanted to come back. I know they’ve made major changes that I’ve been reading up on (including to heal). My question is: is there any subset of cleric nowadays that has the old healing tiles? I actually kind of LIKED tossing my tiles on the ground.

Also, I solo a lot right now b/c I don’t know anyone yet, but I really want to heal end game. Is there a build that will do this? I just hit level 15 on my cleric and don’t know what to change into.

Thanks for the help! :heart:

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Cleric / Dievdirby / Priest / Oracle

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Healing tiles are no more, they revamped cleric heal, not very sure about the specifics though since im not savvy at cleric class.

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Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

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just grab druid and get healing garden.its nice. unless you cast it when boss has reversi you are doomed lol

Cleric / Druid / Paladin / Priest if you really want Druid.

If you want your old heal tiles, druid is the ascendant.

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For solo healer, perhaps Exo-Druid-Priest. Exo will help you level the fastest, but you will have a hard time getting wolfwoman or mass heal.