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The new Heal effect is really terrible. It would be really nice if it could be changed back. Except you put down 1 tile and can put it down at quicker intervals.

And the exclusivity to healing party makes it really hard to heal guild members.


The reason why heal tile is abolished is there are other skills that can replace it at other class. With the high healing effect of heal, it will undermine other class skill despite being a basic level skill. The only downside of current heal skill is the wheel method which requires a bit of familiarity. However, with heal cd 1s there is nearly no effect to keep healing ur party except ur sp from heal overload effect. However, the problem appears when you are using the wheel method to skill with high cd like resurrection. A mistake usually made due to player quick response which can cost a lot for the team.
If you want to heal ur guildies w/o the need to be in pt, there is kabbalist, priest and druid to fill in the gap.

For now, I don’t expect any change on how the heal skill will work.

yeah, I think changing the targeting system for skills would be more useful than reverting heal back, besides heal is more of a backup, your main heal should be Mass Heal, followed by any other healing skill like Tree of Sepiroth for example

your game you want to play is dead. Welcome to Re:build.

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Worst healing skill. Its SFR is so low that you can basically outheal it with 2-3 invested Heals.

I mean just imagine, you put all these several thousands of attribute points into a recovery skill that is only available once every 30 seconds, compared to Heal which only has 1 second cooldown.

Heals SFR is 45.62% of that of Mass Heal, so if you put your attribute points into Heal instead you can get up to 78% of the value you recover with Mass Heal.
The only point of Mass Heal is when your group is dysfunctional [i.e. cannot dodge/block/use potions] or you have a group that consists of more than your partymembers [e.g. Boruta guildquest].

But even then, kabbalist and pardoner are the better healers since kabbalist provides invulnerability and heal with a higher total SFR, and pardoner can reduce his heals CD with Discerning Evil via the new arts.
Both of their heals are HoT, so they have a higher value against monsters that deal continuous damage rather than just utilizing nuke attacks.

So, anyone using Mass Heal as means of recovery should think again, it’s a bad investment strategy that doesn’t pay out well compared to basic Heal.
It’s also a waste if you use it just because one partymember is low on health.

Priest merely exists for Revive,Resurrection and Aspersion.
Even Druid is now a better healer with his new Chortasmata arts.
Paladins Restoration also beats Mass Heal in recovery over 30 seconds.

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SFR aside, Mass Heal and other healing skill are party shared/AOE heals, heal is only a single target, that’s the only reason why Mass Heal is considered as a “Main Healing skill”, and after the nerf to Mass Heal, and other healing skills, you need another AOE healing skill to follow and play with the cooldown. I agree Heal ends beng more useful in the long run, but the fact that you have to heal 1 by one is the only “problem” with the skill, even when it drains your SP when you spam it, it’s worth the spam and the use of potions

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Mass heal is bad when used alone… but any1 can be smart to chain healing skills. IMC nerf it, but trial and error fix it.

On the other hand, IMC keep changing stuff. So, no point to stick to any skills.

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And they should have Revive and Resurrection separate. I can understand when we have options before rebuild, but since we can only take 3 classes with no option to slot in a rank, I think they should have Revive given to another class.

Meanwhile, Healing Factor has been nerfed to not so useful, even I understand it is hit and run approach heal for DEX and range built, but the interval is just too long (concept is right, but not realistic for non range class). The party attribute is also wrong being a 45 seconds cooldown as compare to other group heal being 30 seconds.

Paladins Restoration heal interval is also too big of a gap. It should be less healing but more frequent for a defensive built that is meant to mitigate burst damage (concept is wrong).

Furthermore, I am surprised Oracle and Miko with lack of damage does not have a healing or shield skill. They should have a shield skill for Miko on their channeling. Meanwhile Oracle got the shield (Fortell) nerfed, and the replacement is only damage reduction.

I think they should re-think about the healing class, particularly it is very hard for new players. You need max attribute and good equipment to do level 360 Velcoffer? That is one reason people are leaving, it just doesn’t make sense if you need level 400 gears and max some attributes.

I think Paladins Restoration is one of the few well-made recovery skills.
The main problem of paladin is his abysmal SPR gain, even with the new option to have him either CON/INT/SPR or CON/STR/DEX.

This could’ve been somewhat mitigated by making the base cleric have high CON and SPR and basically no INT/STR/DEX in any of the two setups, so you could lower the CON gain a bit on Paladin in favor of more SPR, but IMC didn’t really think about it.

A large pluspoint of Restoration is the ability to scroll it,though, so if money doesn’t matter, any class can use it for some extra recovery.

Even so, with some investment, paladin can at least reach 600 SPR, which translates to ~10700 HP recovered through Restoration every 3 seconds. Even though the AoE is quite small it still helps with a significant recovery over time, that is unless the party members don’t have any defense.

It would be less of a problem if paladin had access to easy AoE defense gain like peltasta so the others don’t get hit in the first place, but in that case there would be no meaning in having Restoration as an AoE heal.

This depends, I think the new Healing Factor is better than the old one. The reason I say this is because you can recover a huge amount of HP every 5 seconds, with enough SPR even a full heal is possible, which is way more useful in battle than having your HP slowly but steadily recover.

A problem could be the fact that you only recover 5 seconds after getting hit, but there is a trick to circumvent that issue.

Oracle is ± gamebreaking in the amount of damage it can reduce, ranging from 57,6% to over 76% if combined with the right classes/skills to increase the skilllevel of Foretell.
Counter Spell is also pretty strong, allowing for up to ~60% magic damage reduction with a high uptime of 60%.

Velcoffer in general should’ve been toned down together with Earth Tower, especially now that it doesn’t even reward silver for clearing it.
Who is going to do all that stressfull waste of time with lousy mechanics for outdated gear that needs several dozens of Pamoka Solutions, ichors and upgrades to do anything significant?

IMC has no idea how to design and balance the game, starting from basic PVE over classes till endgame contents.

You don’t chain heals. You are smart if you recognize that for a Healer all you need is kabbalist combined with dievdirbys.
The main problem is people not investing into defense and then dropping dead because this game doesn’t have any mechanics , just throwing plain damage at you.

It’s so easy getting all these shop buffs, enchants (from enchanter shop) and scrolls (please guys, buy and use Barrier scrolls if your magic defense sucks, I never see people using them in endgame contents) to buff up & survive for the short time when heal is actually down.

There are potion options (popo shop, Bernice dungeon shop) for the very needy, gems for top&bottom (blue & yellow can add a huge amount of defense if combined with buffs/Zaura/Nuaele cards),
golden anvil for free +11 (which now provides a larger defense gain than previously) so people should make use of these options to improve their survival (not to forget enchant jewels/item awakening, but there is too much RNG involved) to the point where 10 seconds of recovery every 24 seconds should be enough to stay alive.

Not really, the reason why someone would consider that option is if the party has too many non-Clerics who cannot carry their own weight. Right now, there are lots of options for other class trees to reduce the damage taken, but most are ignored in favor of damage options.

If people made good use of all the defensive options available in the game, there would be little need for Mass Heals.

So, if your party is starved, just exchange one or two non-clerics for clerics and the problem solves itself quickly.

People thinking otherwise (i.e. losing damage by exchanging a non-cleric for a cleric is a nono) might as well abandon their characters and play tao-chrono-rune so you can 4 tao + 1 cleric healer, because if you don’t play tao-chrono, you are not efficient damagewise.