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Heal does not work in Gemstone

Bug Description :

When I enter the Gemstone Feud, the skills: Heal and Healing Factor do not work.

The error has been repeated other times, the animation of the skill happens but the heal and the buff (healing factor) does not work.

I already sent several tickets but I did not find a solution.
I do not use any Addon and have already checked the integrity of the files.
I believe the bug is related to the new healing system where you need to push the button twice.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Enter the Feud Gemstone
  2. Use the skills: Heal and Healing Factor

Anyone else with this error? Any idea solution?

Had this happen to me too. Re-entering fixes it but you risk not being able to enter anymore after logging out.

after entering feud, press F6 and create a party for yourself


yup like the other guy said just create a party once you are inside

These skills should not ask to select if you are alone, it is ridiculous.
and if, with a party, it is solved and you lose time in selecting yourself

Thanks friend, I tested it and it really solves the problem.
I hope they fix the bug soon