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Headgears being released....... an opinion

i can understand recycling headgears with tos leticia’s box.
but could you please Stop producing new designs so Fast in production while the theme of the headgear
have nothing to do with the game theme ?
i mean, it’s Too much at this point. of arbitrary designs that are cute… [i get it, they are for the same purpose as Tokens on market, i get that + they have enchantment] but could you at least make 1 Headgear that is related
to game content for every other 4 new designs you release ? it’s starting to feel silly how unrelated they are
i mean you used a wedding book For a headgear and not a sub weapon, … What ?
[ i believe that weapon is a headgear cause nothing, just a hunch.]

one example of a hat that has anything to do with the game ? Muscharia hat "problem is this hat ****s, popolion doll [or was it called popolion hat ?], Etc. we need gears related to game content too.

i need to agree … every 3 “skin” looks good BUT the rest looks ugly and stupid

b…bu…but Sloth is so cute and it match my style so well :blush:

We need some hat quests :confused: , why its TP the only way of getting new hats? why not add some via quests?. Ragnarok had amazing,cute, epic hats via quests and even if we have recipes the list of hats wich can be crafted via recipes its so low, and most of them are so fuggly :confused: , i remember old days on ragnarok having fun just making hats and i was a 100% woe player LOL.

Oh well, why bother adding something that we players could do in game to keep us busy while doing something that we like when they can just take our money again and again.

had be nice if imc read this post :confused:
though, the entire Costumes of monsters related to the game where a nice touch.
who had think we had end up with more nongender costumes after all this time xD
the Poor wifi connection [red color] costume was hilarious.
and there was a few headgear costumes that felt like nice touch this time for today’s maintenance : )