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Has anyone actually managed to get the griffin mount so far?

Dam son, what’s actually going on!?


I’ve got S-rank rewards and world announcements over and over and over but still no griffin. I’m used to this game and I’m well aware of the evils of gachas, but this has crossed out of terrible RNG and stepped into the realm of absurdity. I’m now sitting on well over 700 enchant scrolls alone :cry:

Surely there’s no way I can hit S that many times and not get the griffin? Statistically speaking, something is almost certainly off. I wanted to check with everyone else before I drop a ticket.

Has anyone actually got this griffin? If someone got it I’ll at least know that it was RNG. Cube rewards have been bugged a few times before.


I’ve gotten nothing but enchant scrolls :tired:


Same, me too. I used 6950 TP so far. I wrote a ticket to IMC. You should too.


None here too, but I can wallpaper my house with enchant scrolls. And I got 1 hair decoration transfer thing, but… the chance for that griffin is ‘lol, we forgot to put it in the box!’.

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Sending differently-smart vibes :heart:

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anyone smart enough would just buy silver and buy the mount from market from some lucky mf or gambling addict richboi.
gambling is not for the weak.

NGL that is pretty funny.

I think what gets me is that I (naively) figured the odds of getting the griffin would be fairly weighted given that everything else in there is pure filler.
I’m not mad, though, just exasparated :tired:
Yet again I find myself in this awkward situation where I want to spend more money on the game but I can’t justify doing it because it’s not a fair or worthwhile purchase. It’s crazy to expect people to burn enough to buy a current gen console for a chance at an item that would already be expensive in a 999TP pack.

Even Genshin Impact has a pity system that ultimately limits how bad you can get burned by RNG. I wish we could get something like that.

That is sadly not an option right now. At least, not in Fedimian. It would make more sense if (a) the population wasn’t so low and (b) the gacha odds weren’t so ridiculous that no one is getting and selling this stuff in the first place.

It’s also getting harder and harder to make silver from TP, too, because there are fewer players farming and therefore fewer people buying tokens and other cash items.

Should that be the case, though? I’m not against gachas. They’re a good way to raise money… but there are definitely fair rewards and unfair lineups, and I hope we see less of what we got this month in the future :cold_sweat:


lucky player
not mine
server klaipeda

si se puede sacar F por ustedes.


As always the chance of getting each rank S item is not the same. You can bet it’s 90% to get enchant scrolls and 0.01% to get the mount. It’s gacha after all…

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a ticket saying what? that your gacha luck is super bad and the odds worked as intended to make you waste money?


its a dead game with an AVG playerbase of 600 people, ofc rates are bad so whale can keep wasting money and keep the servers online.

What’s the point of flex when almost no one to flex to
What’s the point of having lambo when you live in deserted island with no access to gas station and most importantly no civilization at all

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