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Harvest Weapons in Growth Server

Hi. I just started playing in the growth server and noticed some people have these Harvest weapons. How do I get these? Thanks.

They’re a reward from pre-registration. Unfortunately I’m not sure there’s any way to get them anymore (unless there’s a future cash shop promotion – they’ve been sold in the store before), but the good news is that you can get Kedoran weapons at level intervals from Lena, the Wings of Vaivora lady to the right of the Goddess statue in Klaipeda. You also get a full set of Savinose armour and weapons by logging in daily. These weapons are better than the growth weapon from 400 onward as their enhancements make them more powerful. Check back with Lena every now and again and pick the “Kedoran support something” to see if there’s anything there. You get both weapons and armour in the box Lena gives you, but they won’t show up until you’re a high enough level, so don’t worry if they’re not there. I’d find the exact levels but I’m on my phone and my battery is about to run out.

You’ll able to get Kedoran support boxes from Wings of Vaivora based on the equipment level:-

  • 40
  • 75
  • 120
  • 220
  • 270
  • 315
  • 350

And you can get lvl 380 & lvl 400 equipment by during quests related to these npc(s):-

  • Pajauta (lvl 380)
  • Neringa (lvl 400)
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