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Hair dyes and the new hairstyles from Beauty Shop

Came back to the game for free resets, and might as well buy a hairstyle or two from the beauty shop.

Just a few questions about those hairstyles though.

  1. Can the current dyes we have before the beauty shop update (unlocked via achievements or TP) usable with the new hairstyles (the new hairstyles)?

  2. Can the dyes from the beauty shop (the new dyes) be usable with the current hairstyles we have before the beauty shop update?

  3. Can I buy more than 1 hair dye (the new ones from the beauty shop) and switch the dyes around with the new hairstyles whenever I want?

1 + 2 No.
3 not sure about that.

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I hate that the new hairs don’t let you apply the dye you have like the wigs, but how will they force you to spend TC on sexy hair if they follow logic :smirk:

Haha, figures about 1 and 2.

My main concern is 3 though … I wouldn’t put it past IMC to make it so that you have to pay TP every time to change color for the new hairstyles.

Leftover TP that still exists since buying Founder Pack :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Think I’ll elaborate the question a bit,
Can I buy more than 1 hair dye (the new ones from the beauty shop) and change my hair color with those dyes and the new hairstyles whenever I want (Ex: I buy beauty salon hairstyle and I buy 2 colors, can I switch in-between the two, and/or with the default hairstyle color?)

Nope, the new beauty shop hairs act as if it’s a haircut/dye in real life.

You dye it, you’re stuck with it till you redye it. You cannot buy more than one dye at once for any given hairstyle.


Questionable decisions by IMC as always.

Thanks for the info!

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I checked the Beauty Shop yesterday just to see what you could get from it. Pretty much disappointing…

  1. No beards. Stuff for waifus, guys will have to wait… :rage: :bearded_person:
  2. Entered with my warlock, there’s no costume for the class (just basic or unrelated – can’t tell how stupid you feel as a warlock with a pyromancer costume) – I want the same costume as mistress Melanie :heart_eyes:
  3. Omigod those haircuts! :face_vomiting: Most of them don’t fit with the character you chose at start (choose long blue hair with female wizard, the eyes disappear…)

That male hairstyle with the curl and ponytail … wear the right clothes and you look like a trap


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The moment i saw those haircut, i doubting our identify as savior or gigolo…:tired:

HEY!! D: I look sexy on it >.>

am a pyro-lock

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