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Hackaspell Mount

Hello there lovely people.

I’ve just starded playing and decided to run a Hackspell for reasons… just to find out I can’t use this class because I don’t have slot for companions.

Is that it?

First I thought I had to talk to somebody or use some item strayed in my inventory, but no.

I mean, what is wrong? Should I’ve picked Cataphract first?





It means you dont have a slot in your team lodge

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Well I’m a legit newbie. How do I fix this?

You either buy a slot, or delete one of your existing characters/pets.

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a pet/mount consumes a character slot,
you can either buy additional character slots with TP, or delete one of your existing characters/pets

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Please accept my deepest thanks for save the time and type for such an easy problem.

Problem solved, btw. o/