Hackapell in swordsman tree


Let’s talk about the abandonment child.

I’ve tried 2 builds so far. Pelt/barbar/hacka and templar/barbar/hacka. The experience is Horrible just plain horrible. The entire build is getting carried by Barbarian, all the grind cutter overheat + Skarphuggning overheats damage can’t even compete with seism. Don’t even try to compare with pouncing. And seism/cleave unmount you.

With pelt in your build. You are pretty much hard to get kill but it is hard to kill your enemies too.

My Assassin toon kills twice as fast as this hacka and My BM is like solo finished Saalus and hacka is still trying to kill the first boss.

The entire class is so underwhelmed that it can’t even count as filler class.

In recent Ktos patch they made grind cutter and Skarphuggning applys attack speed, but imo it’s still joke.


I came here to make a thread also lol.
I love the idea of Hacka being the offensive side of the 1h sword spectrum, however its damage is EXTREMELY lackluster and needs an obvious buff to make it worthwhile.

Its so far my favorite sword class next to matador, but the damage is not worthwhile.

Give it more attributes to help with damage perma Restrain wpuld work tbh) and give it a boost in its SFR to where the damage on its multi hit skills are actually worth it.

Also the half asses synergy with Barb needs to be fixed. Make Cleave and Seism usable on mount. Cant just give it pouncing and Frenzy synergy (useless synergy, but its synergy) and leave it at that.
Or some Highlander synergy since it’s literally the same class but weaker.

Also these are suggestions. Hopefully they do SOMETHING to make Havka a good DPS class.


Does the hackapell skills work on the horse mount? or only work on companion mount?


Saw this recently. Is it true?


What is true?

Yes, it now worked while riding, if that’s your question.


Just checked and you still can’t use any skill but Templar skills, swash buckling and hard shield.

@redwea Since when? I kinda wish I knew this was possible earlier.


Since rebuild and they are planning to make more skills rideable… like barbarian maybe.


I just really hate it that the obviously bad classes don’t get fixed/buffed. But to be fair, with so many classes it’s hard for IMC to care for them all.


I’m hoping this huge update comes out with some rebalancing for Hacka.