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Hacka Viability

I cant play Assa/Bm anymore (Damn weapon swap on controller)
So i´m interested in hacka how does it do pve/pvp- wise?

hacka is on a nice place right now.
class itself:
the class have it’s strength with his own slash debuff, and imc buffed her with a reasonable % to OH ratio in his own skills, the main downside of the class itself is lack of skill point, because lasted cavalry charge buff received a HUGE damage buff but you simple lack skill point to put on it :(, would be epic if cavalry charge is on 5 skill point limit or things like that so we could afford to remove points from storm bolt and have another huge hitting like a truck skill.

synergy with other classes:
the class can easily put up one/two damage classes + shield class like rodelero ou pelta if you want defense and with lasted buffs imc also gave a reasonable buff to rodelero so is not so bad and also have it’s own ability to dish out damage BUT recently with lasted buff imcbuffed highlander a lot, so is difficulty to say which one is better right now for damage choice: highlander or blossom and for defense rodelero.
So it all depends which hacka you want to be: really focus on hacka as your main class signature, or simple build up a mixture of hacka with other classes to make something greater than the sum of it’s parts.

i myself have what i want to call “pure hacka” and because of that i choice to use hacka +cata(so it can buff all mounted skills>hacka skills) + 1 class (currently blossom).
as of today you can skip cata and put barbarian blossom+hacka, or rodelero blossom-hacka, anything goes as long the class can be used as mounted class because all of them went thought the lasted few waves of buff’s and works greate with hacka , in reality cata is pretty much the weakest of all combinations i talked here because not only you can not use “rush” without switching weapons(so let’s assume you won’t create a new weapon for rush only if you don’t have one laying around) and mainly because after the lasted few waves of buffs cata was simple left behind, but like i said his own buff’s is super strong and more or less compensate for it having be left behind turning the class is more like a buff slave for lancer or hacka but still the weakest combination of all without doubt, i only use it because like i said i’m consider my hacka a “pure hacka” and using hacka as main class on the build, so i put cata so it can buff hacka skills.

BUT with lasted highlander buffs i believe that the strongest class combination, would be hacka:highlander:blossom , i don’t know-have seen videos of it yet, but the new crossguard giving close to 30-40% highlander buff and +30% damage like the ktos thread stated, would be huge for not only hacka but also blossom in this build, the downside of it of course is that you need to use dagger too, but hey hackapella also pushes you to dagger too if you want to get the max benefit of it’s own buff (coff coff i keep my shield on, because is “cooler” with my pure hacka build,:slight_smile: )

first is sword itself; with lasted 2 handed buff one handed weapon already have less damage (not that is wrong, just wanted to point it out) , but we all know that sword itself always have been in somehow tough spot, is not that is bad-worse than others but more like imc never know what to do with it, and always give one or two extra candies for spear instead.
and the MAIN downside: is art’s, hacka is one of those who only received **** art’s, they are ridiculous, and worse if you go “pure hacka” as i called, with cata, is another class who received only **** arts so you get double ****

conclusion: so yeah like i wrote at the start: the class is on nice place right now; it have buffs, it have debuffs, and again skills itself have a reasonable % to OH ratio, it have skills with HUGE % at 10k+% without debuffs each with helm chop and cavalry charge that could help a lot in bursting people in pvp but since it does not have enough skill point left, is better to keep them as 1 point wonder and use both other skills, but i still see potential for a pvp exclusive hacka with it too, changing points from Skarphuggning and storm point and using them on helmchop+cavalary charge, allowing you to have two huge skill damage with 10k%, but for pve is still better to keep storm point and Skarphuggning, is a nice time to be a hackapell since the class is very “complete” right now.


Thanks i will try it out and test some builds!

It’s in the wrong tree, but IMC has hammered the square peg into the round hole hard enough to allow it decent damage.