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Hacka > Pelta > Barb? Is it a viable Comp Now?

Build: [Swordsman > hackapell > Peltatasta > Barbarian]

I was always in love with hackapell, and them not putting it on the Corsair tree still baffles me. I want to be in love with hacka again, but i just couldnt reconcile any builds with it namely because barbarians cleave and seism didnt function on mounted.

I also wanted to try doing something like Hacka templar so i could have the horse (because i hate 99% of the mounts in this game lol), but gave up on it because of the skill incompatibility while mounted. Idk if they ever fixed that tho.

hakka barbar now compactible… you can use seism and cleave now. you can use highland for more dps (if you want the button slot to crowded) ;3

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Seems to be doing quite well.

oh thank god lol. will be nice to pull that out of retirement.

I´d like to test hacka<barb<pelt.
It donk look bad dps wise could this build be ok in gemfeud maybe gvg too?

Did iTOS already get the buffs?

One of my toon’s build is Hacka-Barb-Pelt lvl 386
with low atttribute points moslty all lvl50 and shitty gear, except for +11 t8 Asio sword.
can solo outer15 cm s3-s4, haven’t tried s5.
my thoughts, i kinda like the build. i want to ichor my asio sword to test it wen my toon gets to lv400, but ichoring is to hard :frowning: sword’s pot is now 5/12 .

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Yes, but Hacka is getting more buffs soon.

I’ve been playing Hacka-Barb-Cata. No weapon swap though, only picked Cata for the buffs and some extra mobility with steed charge. I couldn’t deal with the sheer amount of skills when I went Highlander.

image Cataphract

Earth Wave
-Can now be used with One Handed Swords.

Doom Spike
Skill hit timing and use time has been adjusted.
-The impact duration has been made about 1.5x faster.
-The use time of the skill has been changed (0.6 sec -> 0.5 sec).
-The cancel time of the skill has been changed (0.7 sec -> 0.45 sec).

-Can now be used with One Handed Swords.

image Hackapell

-Can now be used with One Handed Spears.

Storm Bolt
-Can now be used with One Handed Spears.

image Hackapell

We increased the power of skills overall, and also improved the bonuses from [Shock]. We also added [Slow] to Helm Chopper to add more usability to it.

-Now simply deals 4 direct hits instead of 2 + 2.
-Increased the damage bonus on [Shocked] enemies (25% -> 50%).

Storm Bolt
-Now always deals 5 hits instead of having a debuff requirement.
-Overheats increased (1 -> 2).

Cavalry Charge
-Now inflicts [Shock] for 10 seconds on hit.

Helm Chopper
-Base Skill Factor increased (180% -> 216%).
-Skill Factor per level increased (6% -> 30%).
-Now inflicts [Slow] on enemies hit with a 50% chance for 5 seconds.

Hakka Palle
-Cooldown decreased (60s -> 45s).

Grind Cutter
-Now deals 25% increased damage to [Shocked] enemies.

Infinite Assault

-The movement of this skill has been removed.
※ While your character will move on your screen, this is simply a visual effect. The damage is applied to the enemy without you actually moving at all.
-Skill use time decreased (0.5s -> 0.3s).
-Skill Factor per level increased (67% -> 134%).
-Cooldown decreased (25s -> 20s).
-If you use Infinite Assault while Cavalry Charge is active, the duration of Cavalry Charge will increase by 1.5s.

Copy from ktos thread

The new raid gear seems usefull too the sword gives 10% more dmg with swordskills.
The shield gives + 100% guardian uptime and increase the dmg reduce from guardian.

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It works a lot nicer now, but honestly the damage is still super low, the tanking is nice though. I’d still wait for buffs before trying it out. This is my main build and every time I get some new gear or some buffs hit I fell stronger, but then I see the damage other people are doing and am reminded that it’s a long wait still.

So i noticed only some of the ktos updates got applied to itos. My question is will the cata hacka synergy buff for weapon type be implemented any time soon?

I know its still doable with weapon swaps, but with the ktos update it made the cata hacka class combo cheaper since i dont have to invest on 2 weapons…


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