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Hacka > Pelta > Barb? Is it a viable Comp Now?


Build: [Swordsman > hackapell > Peltatasta > Barbarian]

I was always in love with hackapell, and them not putting it on the Corsair tree still baffles me. I want to be in love with hacka again, but i just couldnt reconcile any builds with it namely because barbarians cleave and seism didnt function on mounted.

I also wanted to try doing something like Hacka templar so i could have the horse (because i hate 99% of the mounts in this game lol), but gave up on it because of the skill incompatibility while mounted. Idk if they ever fixed that tho.


hakka barbar now compactible… you can use seism and cleave now. you can use highland for more dps (if you want the button slot to crowded) ;3


Seems to be doing quite well.


oh thank god lol. will be nice to pull that out of retirement.