Tree of Savior

Guy macroing (?) fishing (/event)

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : Raphael / Ans0n

  • Location : Klaipedia City ch2

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 05:30 pm

  • Evidence screenshots and video

Info: I was about to do fishing when I spotted this guy *literally moving just back and forth for who knows how long. I stood there and took a video (that I can upload) how “bot-like” his movements are. I included 2 names because they seem to be in the same party, both afks.

If I am wrong, forgive me. I do not know anything about macroing or whatever, but sure he was doing something that could be illegal that stopped working the way he wanted it to be. From the guild “SG-MY”.

Thanks GM


tis guy still running back and forth non-stop until now
@GM_Francis :haha:


I say it is better to apologize if innocent than to ignore a possible guilty…

You did well in reporting :slight_smile:


i just recorded it right now, seems like still broken :haha:


He realized it and vanished (both characters) before I left my house, which is about 2 hrs after I posted this

Thanks guys for the kind words