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Gung Ho and Concentrate

Both skills still carry burdens from the beta with them that should’ve been removed a long time ago.

Why does Gung Ho still have a miniscule defense reduction and no possibility to be used together with Guardia when the defense formula and Guardian skill from Peltastas completely changed a long time ago?

Why does Concentrate still have a hit limit when this is reserved for very strong R8+ Skill? There are many other buff skills from lower ranked classes, which are stronger than concentrate, that don’t have such an unnecessary restriction.

Here’s my proposal:

Gung Ho: Defense reduction removed
Gung Ho: Can be used together with Guardian now

Concentrate: Hit Limit / Max hit count removed
Concentrate: Now lasts for 300 seconds like Gung Ho


Yeah, they need to fix those old buffs right away
They also fixed the duration of deeds of valor to 120 seconds if i recall correctly

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agreed - these buffs need to get the same treatment given to Guardian and be able to be used together. I say this as a sw3 - pelt3 lol

Yes please.
For Gung Ho, you can even add a new attribute (Circle 2 or 3) that allows it to be used with Guardian.
Concentrate is garbage at the moment, so it’s a welcome change, especially for DEX-based Swordies.

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