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Guild Wars Restrictions

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I’ll start giving feedback by restricting the amount of guild participants depending the map. And to provide a healthy GvG environment where EVERY GUILD can participate without being “zerged” by the top guilds but as well providing better rewards for competitive guilds.
Example :

Galeed Plateau : Max amount of guild members per guild : Unlimited ( Best rewards)

Genar Field : Max amount of guild members per guild : 50 (Better rewards )

Inner Wall District 8 : Max amount of guild members per guild : 20 (Average rewards)

Similar to RO’s War of Emperium, to have different economy castles a.k.a towers on ToS, depending the map and to encourage big guilds to fight each other rather than zerging small guilds just for the sake of bullying.

I’m already predicting spawn camping if you don’t limit it any sooner.


Seems like this would just punish guilds that have done a good job recruiting

You missed the point though and you’re not punishing anyone. If you’re a RO veteran you should know that guilds quit trying WoE after getting zerged by big guilds. It’s not gonna be different on this system.

Nah they merged and were able to compete

I would have to agree with @Remiri on this.

In my experience during my RO days (not the pRO rerun we have now in our country), newer guilds either have to be very competitive and go out of their way to be on par with older guilds, especially big, well-established ones - or they would have to merge together. Either usually worked (I was in a smaller, sort-of-mercenary guild that did the latter).

Disagree. The reason why iRO and iRO2’s WoE died and was monopolized by a couple guilds was because of this “zerging” behavior and outnumbering the opponent guild till they quit the game.

It’s pretty simple if you think your guild is the best GvG guild in your server you should prove it with quality not quantity.

I’ll bump this thread in a year and we will see how many guilds left will be doing Territory Wars. Just for the stats you know.


When exactly do you think iRO WoE ‘died’? It was alive for as long as I can remember, and I played official for 10+ years.

You can’t compare 2003 with 2018 Remiri, Tibia and RO were the only MMOs available back in the day, followed by MU and Lineage. It’s just not the same.

But let’s see, you say you played iRO at least till 2013, right?
So, iRO Classic was completely dominated by Valhalla guild with a couple of small guilds trying hard.
and iRO Renewal was dominated by Animosity, Loki’s Realm, CS and 2 more guilds. And i heard Loki’s realm and CS quit playing a couple years ago.
How’s 5 guilds doing WoE even healthy?

So WoE died when there wasn’t enough people participating, makes sense. Also the structure of WoE with the portals, tight choke points, and such is a different concept than King of the Hill (which is what this TOS iteration is)

At least initially, I think the last thing IMC should do is restrict the content. Let it play out and gather feedback.

Also iRO’s god items and ridiculous OP cards would sway the balance of power way too drastically to whatever side could dominate that content, and there isnt an equivalent in TOS.

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And the “king of the hill” was what Gravity Company tried on RO2. I was on Exodus guild and Collision guild when WoE came out in July 2013.
Same starting points as RO2’s WoE
Same 1 hour WoE duration.
Same % market’s fee’s gained for the winning guild for an entire week.
Same 5 minutes advantage for the defending guild as RO2’s WoE (Actually on RO2, the defending guild had way more advantage which made it impossible for other guilds to even try.)
Same Amplifiers and huge buffs for people destroying these towers/mobs as RO2’s WoE.

I mean the only thing we’re not getting getting on Territory wars are Siege weapons aka Battery Ram, Catapults etc.

Can’t comment on RO2 since I avoided that dumpster fire. How many people were involved in the battles?

Here’s a video when WoE came out in RO2. You can see it’s pretty much the same thing.

That’s Collision guild defending against 400 people on the map. Watch the starting points and the defending guild, and all the other guilds fighting each other to get to the main gate.

I’m probably the only Collision member playing ToS right now, everyone quit the game in 2016 when they saw the graphic optimization being s*ht. I’m not expecting too much from Territory wars but we will see. No idea if the maps can handle more than 100 players in the first place.

I would imagine the current Territory Wars maps have the same 100/100 channel limitations. If so that will be the 1st big feedback/issue is that one guild could just stack 50+ into the map and monopolize the map, but we shall see.

Yeah screw restrictions and balance. ToS is all about BIG NUMBERS anyway. Big RMTed gear, big RMTed damage, big zergling guilds. Quantity is a quality. The only time ToS isn’t about big numbers is when the framerate is concerned.

This revamped gvg will be pretty much just like the old gvg.