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Guild Territory Wars Feedback - [SEA]Telsiai

  • Team Name: Ozpin

  • Character Name: Professor

  • Class Build: Swordsman1 Peltasta2 Rodelero1 Corsair2 Nak Muay1 Retiarii2

  • CPU: Intel i7-7700 3.60GHz

  • RAM: 16GB

  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060

  • OS: Window 10

  • Internet Connection Speed: 500 mbps

  • Country/State: Singapore

  • Comments
    First of all, i joined guild territory wars 6 times at this beta. In the first 4 days, at least have 5-6 guild joined( 2 guilds have over 30 ppl up, other guild around 5-15 ppl), then last 3 days, only left of 1 guild active to the war (So my guild got 3 map in last 3 days).

Existing issues

1.Character Class imbalance problem, as my observed, ratio of class, Cleric around 50%, wizard around 30% , Swordsman 15%, Archer 5%. It reflected Cleric and Wizard very strong in the war.

Cleric has different invincible and healing method, those skill can got from low class like R2 Priest (Revive, Mass Heal), R3 Dievdirbys C3 Skill (Goddess Ausrine Statue), and this patch R6 Druid( Sutorea-Tropez), if one team have over 2 cleric that have these skill is very hard to beat. While Cleric at R8 have class provide huge dmg to other players (Zealot - many players reflect that dont want to fight with zealot ,so why tbl no one join)

Wizard: it’s hard to description, in the war, only few type of wizard appear (Psychokino, Featherfoot , Sage) Psychokino have strong skill for CC, like ( Magnetic Force and Raise) i know the balance at TBL make it effect reduce half, but in territory war , it still hold too long, Featherfoot and Sage, they both have very power skill, sage have ‘Dimension Compression’, this skill full charge can 1hit over 120k hp Swordsman. Honestly, other wizard class still weak, it should be change.

2.Optimization: When map over 60 people, it will be lag or vga, sometimes your character can’t move ,then lag gone your character dead.

About Territory Wars Systems and Suggestion

  1. Safe place:
    It seems to be useless. If you don’t move, you will be safe, but your enemy can stay with you very close and set up all scope skill. (Note: Ice wall can move your character, that will make you count your safe time)

Suggestion: expand area for other guild to entry the map and prepare skill for fight.

  1. Stage 1 to 3 buff:
    Owner of map ,their guild member can got this buff, it can reduce damage from your enemy, this is good idea, but the effect not obvious.

Suggestion: make other buff , like increase damge , moving speed, provide HP Shield.

  1. No Territory War feeling:
    Only at mid side have castle , your enemy can easy run to mid to get point.

Suggestion: make more War tool at the war, to make more fun for war, some class almost not suit for the war, then they have other can do. Otherwise, archer class have sapper, some skill ( Stake Stockades :provide slow effect, and increase all trap duration) Cannoneer can destroy enemy tools , Falconer can take the view form their pet (like show at map), it can be attract more ppl to play archer class.

  1. Boss monster:
    I don’t know that boss usefulness in war, this 6 days, we never hunt it once. I guess if we hunt it, then we can get buff.

Suggestion: defeat it can get some tool to protect your place, like Defender can get fences to block your enemy sometimes (maybe 20sec) or Offensive side can get cannon to beat fences.

  1. No attractive reward:
    This beta provide many rewards like ‘Challenge Mode One Entry Voucher’, then many players just entry to map, get these reward and gone.

Suggestion: Which guild got the map, they can get some rare item or costume, to attract players organize guild to join it. Moreover, which guild participate war can get ‘coin’ , This coin can exchange item. (like uphill).

  1. Territory War Time:
    This beta open time is [SGT] 20:00 - 21:00 . I know many players still enjoy their dinner at this times.

Suggestion: Set about timing suit for every server, like SEA server 21:00 later.

  1. War Score:
    When some guild stay at mid castle, when your guild reach 1000 point, guild will become owner of map, except owner guild ,other guild will forced to leave of map. When other guild came at last 10mins, and over 20 people, they can easy to get score at mid, above i just told war over 50% is cleric, they hard to kill, even you have stage 1 -3 buff at the time, you don’t dead, but they score still increase.
    Suggestion: Defender ratio and Offensive side ratio to balance score, or make a Alliance system, let Offensive side can cooperate untill owner lost the map.( for owner of guild which have more people) because owner of map often hard to defeat(more people).

  2. Equipment Durability:
    This is the annoying problem, i made full set vel set equipment, but every times repair it cost me over 120k, each war can repair 2-3 times.

Suggestion: Remove the penalty in war map. (like TBL)

  1. Item Dispeller:
    When we use it, enemy CC will be gone, it’s very strong.

Suggestion: Above i referred that kino CC duration time too long, but dispeller appear, these all CC seem be nothing, so maybe can set limit for these item CD,(15sec or more) Or make CC skill duration reduce.