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Guild Territory Wars Feedback HoraTeam (Insanity) (Fedimian (EU))

  • Team Name: HoraTeam

  • Character Name: Lorelia

  • Class Build: Archer2/Sapper3/Scout1/Musketeer3

  • CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955

  • RAM: 8 GB

  • Graphics Card: 2048MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series (Sapphire/PCPartner)

  • OS: Window 7

  • Internet Connection Speed: ~100 Mbps

  • Country/State: Russia

  • Server: Fedimian

  • Comments

Good day IMC team, here is my GTW feedback:
First of all I’ve been playing this GTW tests everyday and done a lot of unofficial (without reward) GTW test with guild, this was a lot of fun but sometimes frustration as well.
There still a lot of problems that should be fixed in GTW but let’s start with what I like about it the most:

  1. Time – the time GTW starts is good enough and 1 hour duration is most optimal time for it, there no need to make it less or more
  2. GTW is for everyone – this part is what I like the most, even though I’m in a big guild already I still feel like the fact that GTW isn’t restricted to amount of players in it or your guild lvl is a huge benefit, because this is not guild wars (gvg) this is not the place where we choose players to fight with each other (guild on guild) trying to define who is better we fight on regular fields which everyone can join and rules here are different, if I was in small guild I’m for sure would still join GTW just for fun of it
  3. Cooperative aspect of it – almost the only way besides “guild card party” and “guild missions” when we can participate with a lot of guild members, cooperate with each other, share roles, and so on, this is indeed a lot of fun
  4. GTW mechanics – seems ok to me with all this amplifiers bosses and towers, nothing better I can think of right now to replace it with

Now with what I don’t like in current GTW:

  1. Overall classes balance – it’s far far from being perfect, game is literally designed towards PVE content with only some exception in classes, I’m not saying that every class in game should be a pvp one but game allow some really broken classes to exist which outplay every other while other classes just die(clerics rule the game, and mages control every player in game), and this really affects overall GTW experience, if not go too deep in this balance discussion I would say that you should work on it more.
  2. Maps choice – choosing for GTW fields regular maps might be not the best solution, yea it feels right to fight for regular lands on guild “territory” wars but I would appreciate maps specifically designed for GTW more, not to mention that Genar Field map have hidden wall right behind tower where rocks are, we see land on which we can run but game doesn’t allow us because there a hidden wall.
  3. Skill durations – some skills have really high skill durations compared to team battle league, and why it’s like this I don’t understand, you worked so hard on balancing the only pvp field we had for years and you apply different rules for GTW, ofc not an every rule that we have in TBL should be in GTW but it’s far from being perfect right now
  4. Lags and Freezes – they are real, and when fight is going 15 on 15 players or more the outcome of fight is decided more on them than on anything else, because fps just drops to 5-10 or lower and game literally just freezes few times per fight, on small scale fights like 10 on 10 or below its mostly ok right now
  5. Low amount of participation from guilds

Now to suggestion part:

  1. Rewards should be nice for every player who participate in GTW, for most part players doesn’t participate even if they in big guild just because there no point for them to get anything there, and rewards that we got everyday during test period is not something that every player willing to get
    the most demanded items from my player perspective is:
    Unique Appearance items
    Attribute points
    Gem abrasives
    Blessed Shards/Blessed Gems
    having potions/emergency repair kit/talts/enchant scrolls is just a small addition
    Player don’t go there to get dungeon resets or exp bonuses, players go for GTW to get something that can help them increase their character strength in different ways, GTW coins on other hand should be a guild related thing where leader decided how to spend them in shop and which player/players to encourage for participation and support in GTW
  2. Like I already suggested in thing’s that I dislike in current GTW - Maps should be either better choosed or created specifically for GTW
  3. We need more clearer rules and guides here about GTW, because right now its possible to just go destoy all Amplifiers or kill boss and few amplifiers and capture the point so fast that no effort is needed and no chance for defending team is even left.
  4. GTW should be ongoing for no more than 3 days per week, maybe even 2, having it for everyday is too exhausting

Thank you for your work anyway, hope released version of GTW will be good enough to be accepted by players.