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Guild Territory Wars Day 1

  • Team Name: Sylphi

  • Character Name: Celeste

  • Class Build: Cleric2-Bokor1-Sadhu3-Plague Doc3

  • CPU: Intel Core i7

  • RAM: 32 GB

  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1070

  • OS: Win 8

  • Internet Connection Speed:

  • Country/State: USA - Kansas

  • Comments

I did not anticipate needing to provide feedback in this manner, but the experience I had yesterday prompted a strong desire to do so. I did not go in thinking I was going to kill people as I am only about average gear as far as pvp goes.

1: Extremely low fps. I could move which is a step above some people, but I was more or less unable to attack as my skills would not respond when pressed. I was running anywhere from 0-10 fps at a time. Those 10 FPS times were miracles where I could actually get a skill off and kill someone. Happened before people started learning to go in a different entrances. I can be thankful that I never crashed or vga’d though. That’s a plus, especially with so many people loading in at the same time in the same place.

2: Battle Royale Style. I was under the impression that this would be a guild vs guild. 1 Guild vs 1 Guild. I must have completely missed that this was just massive world pvp where anything goes. It could be because this was the claiming of the map and therefore a free for all, not sure. I will have to reserve complete judgement on this for the next round where Lotus has to defend their castle. I hope that with less players zerging around, that guilds will be more able to form strategies and communicate.

3: Respawn back in Fedi. Thank goodness my party had a basecamp, other parties of my guild weren’t entirely so lucky and had to port back each time. Minor annoyance at best, but would be nice to be able to respawn at entrance or at previous location outside of battle (many entered from Steel Heights, etc).

4: Gear levels. I will be the first to admit that my gear is barely up to par to do well in TW. I do not build for pvp, so I can’t be overly upset at getting demolished. However, not being able to move out of the spawn zone due to people camping was a bit much. More than once, I was simply killed by a zealot or lancer just running past. Never able to see the objective.


0: I have no suggestions for the lag. We can all beg for optimization, but in the end, it’s gonna be the people with the best rigs ruling the roost here. I was playing on a gaming laptop this time, next round I have plans to switch to my desktop to see the difference.

1: I feel that the map was a horror to play on. Bottlenecking to no end allowed whoever controlled the hallways to control the flow of battle. I’d be open to a more open map with to hide behind, etc. Will have to see how the new maps play out (Genar Field, etc).

2: I’d be open to alliances of sorts. Being able to ally with another guild might make things less 1 sided. Assuming the 2 top guilds don’t join up and roll over others. This would move towards having a TW being 1guild vs 1guild (or 1 alliance vs 1 alliance).

3: I’m not sure what the ruling is on this already, but let only 1 guild be able to attack 1 castle at a time. As of now, with 2 more fields opening up, it’s reasonable to believe that an active guild might try to take more than 1 field at a time assuming they have the numbers (and some guild can probably fields enough to do so if they desired).

4: With regards to gear levels, could go completely normalized if we want to trivialize gear in pvp. Or could make it so transcendence on weapons doesn’t matter (since transcendence is losing some of it’s overall value in the upcoming update anyway and base damage is getting boosted. This is how I understood it to be). I believe there are many ways to even out gear value. I was unable to tell if TBL rules were applying (reduced attack, reduced debuff time), but I have been told they didn’t appear to be which I believe due to the amount of times I got 1 shot with 100k hp.

Will continue to monitor and test between my 2 systems to see if I can get above 5 FPS during a busy battle (not hiding on the outskirts picking people off).