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Guild Territory War Feedback

  • Team Name: Azure_Flame

  • Character Name: Luminaria

  • Class Build: Wizard 1 : Cryomancer 3 : Linker 3 : Sorcerer 2

  • CPU: Intel I7 3770k

  • RAM: 16GB

  • Graphics Card: GTX 670

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed: 25 mbps

  • Country/State: US/MN

  • Comments


The problem with GTW(Guild Territory War) in this category was that there is a huge drop in FPS as well as 15 second delay of skills. With Inner Wall District 8 as the only territory to contest, it was definite that people were bound to have some kind of drop in frames. In addition, anyone who was not a Swordsman based class will be able to cast their skills within this delay. VGA errors were apparent in this mode and would force players to restart in Fedimian.

Inner Wall District 8 as the first territory

Inner Wall District 8 in my honest opinion, was not a good choice for this test. The map was too small with two choke points that could easily be defended, even if there is five entryway. When you factor in the frame drops and the delay, which ever guild that had taken the objective, in this case the objective was in the middle of District 8, would have already won. This leaves little room of being able to capture the objective as an outside guild.

Safety Entry Zone

The issue with the safety entry zone here was that, it was completely campable. Meaning, any other guild can camp the entryway and annihilate any individual not in that guild if one were to step out of the zone. During this whole experience, most guilds just camped the entryway and did not contest for the objective, therefore leaving the guild that has captured the objective to be able to defend for a long period of time. Next, the boss that was suppose to give your guild or team a benefit when defeated was protected by the safe zone, which had led to a boss that was unkillable, for if one were to leave the safe zone, it was definite that you were already dead.

Zone Map Considerations

When considering what maps to choose, in all honesty, it should be an open area where the entry isn’t camped too often. This is so that the defending guild doesn’t just leave magic circles or summons in a choke point. When they leave their circles or summons there, it becomes way too difficult to even push through, especially with the delay and constant frame drops.

Other Feedback

GTW is fun, but the problems with frame drops and delay of skills being cast, is a huge factor in this mode. It would had helped more if there were at least 2-3 more zones to compete for. This would had probably helped identify with how much of a delay there would be or how much frames would drop if there were at least 2-3 guilds competing for the site, rather than having 5+ guilds with a huge amount of people. In future game play of this mode, there shouldn’t be more than 5 guilds competing for an area to control, and this would allow more strategized game play among guilds. Forcing players to start back in Fedimian is fine, it just means that the guild needs to be more aware of team compositions and taking advantage of the Squire’s Camp.

During day 2, there were instances of other players not being rendered on screen during GTW.

Balancing Issues

Magnetic Force’s pull needs to be reworked for GTW. Since it can pull in players, it can also pull players away from from the safety entry zone. Note that this is a c2 skill without drawback, and that in the past where Ice Pillar had pull, Ice Pillar was a c3 skill. There needs to be some kind of invulnerability for dealing damage to players outside of the entry zone while the player casting is the one inside.

Freeze duration needs to be halved during GTW.


Hello @joshua_xiong66

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention We appreciate your enthusiasm for the game. We will be reviewing your feedback and suggestions and see what changes can be done in the future.

Thank you
GM Francis,