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Hi Guys,

I know im fairly new to the game and such, but as i was browsing through the Guild Promotions page, was not able to grab all the details for a guild like Varena Server.

I would like to ask for your help guys in promoting your Guild on the list so that it would be easier for people to apply and be part of your Group. Also this will inform people which guild is still active or no.

Server :
Guild Name:
Guild Leader :

P.S if there is a thread already created for this kindly route me thanks :wink:

South East Asia - VARENA

Yggdrasil - Guild Leader (Midgurdia)

TaltHunter - Guild Leader (MiraiPrism)

South East Asia - TELSIAI

Rhythm Mortis - Guild Leader (Grandt)
URL : Forum Thread

Rocket Unicorns - Guild Leader (Godsheim)
URL : Forum Thread

Eminence - Guild Leader (PrimeMinister)
URL : Forum Thread


Any varena guild around?

Guild Name:Yggdrasil
Guild Leader : Midgurdia
URL :GM does not want make a thread. She’s too Lazy. If you want to join us just leave a whisper to our Guild Master and she’ll attend to you once she’s free. We’d accept anyone as long as they give 2 talts a day and are very friendly.

this has been added on the list

Feel free to post ur guilds guys on any server so that it would be easier for new players to look for guild ill just update the thread every other day

Hey thanks for the effort and initiative!

Server : Telsiai
Guild Name: Rhythm Mortis
Guild Leader : Grandt
URL : [Telsiai] Rhythm Mortis -- Grandt bows down

Server : Telsiai
Guild Name: Rocket Unicorns
Guild Leader : Godsheim
URL : [SEA - Telsiai] Rocket Unicorns

Here’s ours!

Server : Telsiai
Guild Name: Eminence
Guild Leader : PrimeMinister
URL : [SEA - Telsiai] Eminence | We're Recruiting!


It’s been added on the post Thanks for your help guys, this will also help other players in your server to find a guild

Thank you for manning this post :smiley:

Server: Varena
Guild Name: TaltHunter
Guild Leader: MiraiPrism
URL: [SEA - Varena] TaltHunter Recruitment [English Guild] Currently CLOSED


do u happen to have slot on your guild? that i can join?

Sure! I’ll send u a pm for our discord link