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Guild hangout boss reward

I remember killing a boss in the guild hangout and getting 1M silver every week. I’ve done that the last three weeks and didn’t get any silver. Some other guild members ensure me they got the silver last week. Did they add some restrictions on that? I’m lost…

Sometimes if you kill the boss too fast after they spawn the game doesn’t register the kill.
Check your grade after killing the boss if the npc says your grade is 1 then you will get 1m silver starting next monday.

2022-12-22 20.23.26
2022-12-22 20.23.36

Not sure about the contrib grade but usually 40k for 1m silver and 50k for capping the contribution.
The silver can be collected the first time you talk to the sage after the reset on Monday 6 am

The process is like:
Get 40k this week → wait till next Monday 6am
→ talk to sage → 1m added to your inventory (check system message to confirm that)

To get more contrib points while killing the boss, you may want to try following ways:

  1. talk to sage and say you will help everytime before killing the boss
  2. use only basic class skills
  3. solo kill the boss
  4. 1 hit kill the boss

But all above ways are not officially confirmed so you may develop your own ways too.

No idea if it’s the reason, but this time I used the first character in my lodge (the one I remember getting the silver with) and it worked. Also a big difference is admin vs non admin – last time I was admin in the guild so the only thing to do was talk to the NPC to spawn the boss and kill it, but this time I made sure the boss was spawned by an admin, talk to the NPC and then only kill the boss.

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