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Guild Event Ticket Mission/Raid BUGGED?

Hi it’s me PeteBallin from TentacleGrape

The story goes back to last last weeks patch (June 24) the freaking buggy one . So this is a while now maybe the support team isnt informed yet.

I went to start my guild tower event ticket. Many Members joined. 20+

When we go there yes we can enter but only 5 people can enter. Then it says Server Error Member Exceeded for the other people trying to enter. Those other people can enter but they get instantly kicked. So any 5 people can enter but only 5 max. This goes on for every guild event location.
Can someone please look into this?

same happened to me ////20 chars

the hell r u saying? only 5 ppl can enter? whats /////20 chars? what language is that

Dude, all posts on the forums have to be more than 20 characters, so people use variations of 20 chars as padding, also, context makes it clear that this person experienced the same issue as you.

tks for explaining :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: